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Should we have Drone Technology?

I am very fearful of drones myself especially in the wrong hands, and I really don't like how they're being used myself. But there's been news/rumors on insect drones or mosquito drones.

There's an article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2161647/Is-really-just-fly-Swarms-cyborg-insect-drones-future-military-surveillance.html

Whether this is true or not, should we have insect drones? What good/bad can come out of this in short-term and long-term? I personally think insect drones are completely unecessary. There are simply better solutions to solve problems imo. But who knows, I have no idea what secret operations all these countries are doing that would require the need for insect drones...

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    Lejan .

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    Aug 5 2012: As always, it is only a matter how we finally use our technology ...



    So just imagine how you would feel if those would go after you with razor sharp and poisoned rotors and integrated poisoned stings! And they are not even close to the size of insects!

    As a child I once accidentally stepped on a wasps' nest digged in the ground and it sets me instantly on never again reached personal speed records...

    And I do not even need to stress my fantasy to imagine, that a single military mosquito drone would carry enough neuro toxin to kill me...
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      Aug 5 2012: But the question is... will it blend???

      lol jokes aside, nature is a very powerful source of inspiration...
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    Lejan .

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    Aug 5 2012: Aren't 'wrong hands' not just always a matter of perspective?

    And as I think they are, you will find 'every hand' to wan't them as soon as technology is able to hand them...

    Given the past development of drones, insect drones may start out for information gathering processes at their beginning and would end up in having single and swarm assault abilities at their end.

    The term 'assault' of course was also just a matter of perspective and could simply be recoined as 'defence', ' pro-active defence' or 'violence preventive protective measures'... you name it.

    As in general, also insect drone technology is facing 'energy supply challanges' at the moment, so get ready to the idea that not only real mosquitos will go for your blood in the upcoming future...

    And as usual, I can already hear the voices of those who claim such technology to be used exclusively 'safe' in their hands and on their agendas instead of all the 'evil' others... (see 'wrong hands' above... )

    As more this technology advances it will at one point restrict the global and freel availability of micro and nano scale technology, its production equipment and assembling lines, as consequently it has to be kept classified from a certain sublevel scale downwards...

    As insects are, besides microbes, in quantity and resistance the most successful species on this planet, you may get an idea of our future warfare by copying this in technology into it ...

    And as long 'drone microbes' still stay a challange in miniaturization, 'drone insects' may close this gap temporarily...

    Maybe we should already start to develop simple yet effective DIY's for EMP generators (electro magnetic impulse) and spread those plans freely on the internet. This would help to keep us, our homes and nations bug-free in our future...
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      Aug 5 2012: Yeah, it is a matter of perspective, but I believe there's a lot of perspectives out there who view this as really dangerous just like I do. The potential danger is just really huge. It's really hard for me to see any beneficial uses for something like this, but I'm sure there is. But I dunno, we'll see...

      "And as usual, I can already hear the voices of those who claim such technology to be used exclusively 'safe' in their hands and on their agendas instead of all the 'evil' others... (see 'wrong hands' above... )"

      It's not that I don't trust our covert organizations, it's just that people are smart. If US starts using these on other countries/enemies, then more and more countries will find out how these things work and make their own. And eventually they could use these technologies against us potentially. Plus I heard another rumor that some other countries have been working on these as well like France.

      "Maybe we should already start to develop simple yet effective DIY's for EMP generators (electro magnetic impulse) and spread those plans freely on the internet. This would help to keep us, our homes and nations bug-free in our future..."

      I like that, maybe I should have more faith in other innovations counteracting this innovation...
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        Lejan .

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        Aug 5 2012: I do see beneficial use for this technology.

        As we are continuously disturbing the dynamic balance of nature, insect drones could enable us to use less pesticide within our agriculture based on sensitive monoculture. If they were 'smart' enough they could identify and fight 'real' insects to safe our harvest, health and ground water.

        They could also become a safety strategy for pollination, in case our 'friendly' insects such like bees and bumble bees get endangered again by other chemicals used in agriculture or by an uncontrolled yet natural disease.
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          Aug 5 2012: hmm, I really do hate those pesky real mosquitos lol...

          By design, insect drones are also good at gathering information discretely. Perhaps that could be a good focus.

          Mosquitos themselves can give you viruses, so what about ones that give you "cures" or anti-viruses?

          I really do like your ideas on a more environmentally friendly insect drones. Those are always really cool too. Plus with those cameras, they can give us better information on biology in general. It would make National Geographic a whole lot cooler too :)

          Or maybe, we each could have one of these mosquitos as a household appliance. Like in case of emergencies, they can sound alarms or quickly send information to other people, etc. These could be more as "protectors" and informants than assassins...
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        Lejan .

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        Aug 5 2012: Maybe I am just old fashioned, but I rather have my good old doc' injecting my cure than any drone sneaking in on me at night without me knowing ...

        For those emergency insect drones it could become quite dangerous once we all have installed our DIY-EMP counter measures, as they would get electromagnetically 'pump-gunned' off the air as soon as they would cross our private thresholds in the attempt to tell us, that our neighbour needs our help... 'Friend / Foe' drone identifier would not work either, as they could be undermined by hacking...

        National Geographic though would have to face to select and to broadcast billions of channels, and it would take us ages to zapp our TV back to channel 1 again... :o)
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          Aug 5 2012: Yeah, I'm sure it raises all sorts of questions and invading privacy issues and all, but say, there was some massive zombie apocalypse where everyone was infected with this virus (you know how those movies are), then insect drones would be the greatest saviors ever imo, or something similar to this.

          hmm, yeah... so then perhaps, there shouldn't be any kind of weaponization on the household insect drones, they're completely just informants... But then how would we stop other insect drones from spying on us? I'm not sure if we can tbh...

          lol that would be awesome, trying to track billions of insect drones at once. Nah, I meant they only use like several drones for some really hard to reach camera shots or finding new discoveries and such.
  • Aug 9 2012: How is an insect drone different from a smart bullet?
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      Aug 9 2012: Just checked out smart bullet.

      Insect Drone is better at spying and gathering data and information.
  • Aug 8 2012: The laws of war are a complicated matter, but James you look like a young robust man Would you rather play Rambo or let the drone do it leaving you out of harms way - considering right wrong and all the other factors ia the issue When it has to be done let someone do it - We can only lead by example Would you want to do it mano a mano Maybe not that's why we have drones. Very few leaders fighr anymore. Or as Maurice Thompson an old former Rebel told the Gar a hundred years ago I do detest the sutlers clerk who dodges and skulked until pease had come. then etc. If you want to be in the rear with the gear let's not think about ways for others to getr killed If killing with drones is too easy we should be concerned more about the victims. If your idea creates more work for Rambo don't advocate it unless you were willing to do it. Personally I wonder if we shouldn't have the draft in all countries. Sweden has been pretty good about avoiding wars since the Napoleonic Wars I understand they the Swedes have a celebration of their King Charles's defeat by the Russians. They no longer have to leavve home and fight. Maybe a little extreme.
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      Aug 8 2012: My topic was more focused on insect drones. About how easy it would be for an insect drone to assassinate an important leader, and about how easy it would be to spy.

      But in regards to the drones we're using right now, what if these things were used by the government or FBI on their own civlians? I'm not that knowledgeable on this subject, but I'm saying, if they falsely accuse us due to something we said/pm'ed to someone else and drone us down, what would you think about that?

      Or even worse, they use the insect drones to spy on people's households. If we make a "false move" there could be the possibility of the insect drone to take us out.
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    Aug 6 2012: What's always hilarious about these issues to me... Is that all the people designing these things... are probably against using them.

    The percentage of people with science degrees, who believe that drones are a healthy form of warfare, probably sits around 10%, scientists are a notoriously paranoid bunch. If you offer a research grant to a scientist to design, mini flying cameras for the government however... They'll all say "Awesome".

    It's nice people that do all these horrible things to us. If nothing else, all of this surveillance is a waste of money. The more the government knows, the less people it will have to sort through the data by proportion. If we had millions of these little drones running around with cameras... who's going to look through the data? No one. We'll design a program wich sorts the data.

    A genius will figure out the program, and find ways to avoid the swarm, and avoid getting tagged. It's just useless data, the government has no right to access. It's just a money play.

    Human beings of their own accord, for hobbies, should be able to design and build cool drones... but no, the government has no place creating robots which detach humans from killing "enemy combatants", also known, as "males over 18".
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      Aug 6 2012: Well hey, it depends on the people themselves. Even a pencil, an everyday tool can be a weapon, but most people don't see it as a weapon, only a writing utensil.
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    Aug 5 2012: That link had George Orwell turning over in his grave again! Scary stuff. Maybe we citizens could develop insect drones to expose politicians plotting and scheming behind closed doors:)
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      Aug 5 2012: lol everyone has their own insect drone