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How can one thing be in 2 places at once?

From my understanding, the Quantum theory supports the idea of parallel universes. It suggests that when i make the decision to sit here and type this and ask it to the TED community, there is another "me" in different dimension that is not doing that....in fact, he is probably not a fan of TED community to begin with and is probably kicking a soccer ball in his bedroom or something. I want to hear the TED community's reaction to this notion.


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    Aug 4 2012: I have a problem with every instant creates a new set of parallel instants that is based on decision within that first instant,it would be exponential for every instant when we can only really make definite future instant decisions up to about probably ten future instant decisions.

    i.e sitting in front of your screen present instant, decide to get up,another instant decision,walk over to the door and open it,again decision on action,walk down the hall,decision,make coffee,decision,walk back,decision,sit back down,decision,look at screen,decision,begin again.We don't see it in that manner and my description is if anything confusing but we see it as a long continuous single act of decision but in reality it's a mass of instant decisions of action.

    So those past instant decisions? are they still unravelling of their own in parallel universes when they are past instantances? remember they are the past and only exist in your memory.I'm not knocking QT,i'm at odds with reality,confused?,i confuse myself on a regular basis all the time.

    Here's a thought,does parallel universes begin for you when you are born or when you were concieved? or when your parents decided to have you?What if you were a pleasant surprise to your parents or were unplanned in some cases?Here's a link you might find interesting,it won't answer your Q but it might give you insight.


    Personally i think human existence is governed by laws built into decision and that the effect we have on our surroundings is only visible by the physical interactions we leave behind us when we interact with matter.Full of holes i know but it's the best i can come up with on the fly.
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      Aug 5 2012: Hi Ken,
      Thanks for the link, i will definitely have a look at it. Just that idea is something that fascinates me and i find it hard to comprehend that the human mind can think beyond itself...and can think of itself in two...if you get what i mean. :) I still wonder what we are in terms of the Universe, like our physical being, what is it? i know we are made of the same composition as stars but why do we communicate, why do we have passions and desires and why do we decide? Basically, what are we in terms of why we do the things we do and how does it impact the universe?

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