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Are we qualified enough to select our our own president, or prime minister or chief minister?

Selecting a president or chief minister is a extremely high priority, critical activity. Why are we common people, involved in this activity. In what capacity to you think we are intelligent enough to decide who can be our president who actually has to decide the growth of our entire nation. Isn't any human too innocent to make these complicated decisions. Only a president will have the accumulated wisdom to identify a person who is skilled enough to play his role.

I suggest a board of responsible, visionary community to the max of 100 people can get the inputs from the people and consider it as one of the parameter along with 1000 other parameters to decide the person who is going to run the nation for the next term.

Another possibility could be if the citizens have to decide who their leader has to be, then the election, when it should happen should also be decided by the people.

In what way do you think a individual/ citizen is qualified enough to identify a person who is fully equipped with the knowledge and wisdom to take the nation forward and find solution for all the problems the nation faces.


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  • Aug 4 2012: I do not think that common people are prepared to elect a leader. I think that most times emotion plays a HUGE role and people end up voting for the prettiest face, best speaker, or the one with the best attitude in caucuses( it is human after all). In many countries common people do not even know how government work or what is policy. Democracy is VERY dangerous in a country of ignorant people, which are the most.
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      Aug 5 2012: And if you made a certain knowledge about politics mandatory, e.g. by having the people attend politics classes? It wouldn't have to be like obtaining a diploma at university, but I think that just voluntarily concerning themselves with politics would help people to not vote for the prettiest face, but for the best program.
      • Aug 6 2012: I think that people should be forced or encouraged to take classes on economics and politics. However, the key ingredient as you said previously, is that people feel that their vote is able to change things, that it is worth something. I fthese two were combined, I think democracy woul work better.

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