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Are constitutional monarchies still relevant in the 21st century?

In countries like UK or Spain, where monarchies have no longer real power, what is their role in the XXI century? Should they be abolished? Or are they really important in preserving the country's customs, political unity and representation abroad?


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    Aug 6 2012: No. They should be abolished... Palaces, and monarchal symbols, should be claimed as public space for events, to increase tourism. Monarchs are a tax, which take from the poor, and distribute to the rich. Also, they tend to be horrible examples of culture, because most of them were inbred with one another, until very recently.
    • Aug 6 2012: In fact, most palaces and monarchal symbols are state owned. For instance, Buckingham Palace does not belong to the Queen. It is 100% state-owned, as all the jewls and historical artifacts.

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