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Social media app for CSR and volunteer activities

Social responsibility initiatives often go unnoticed because companies do not have a space in which to promote them, and because of their local nature.

I propose using an existing augmented reality technology like Layar ( to promote socially responsibile initiatives within companies and externally through organizations promoting the greater good (Greenpeace, Rainforest Fund, etc).

If this were used in a company this could revitalize and re-soczialize CSR activities, be it planting trees in a park on the weekend or collecting food for a homeless shelter. Connecting employees within a company can lead to greater collaboration in their real work.

On the external side, this app could be used by an NGO like Greenpeace to start global initiatives and challenges. For example: "Help plant 1Million trees in 2013." - By offering incentives, such as a digital thank you for 10 trees, a bumper sticker for 50, etc. there would also be a marketing aspecft to this.

Features within the app can include a comment box, contact information for those looking to join, video and picture upload functions on a digital wall for each initative.

This upcoming year seems to be shaped by gamification, further socialization, mobile app-based products and location-based acfitvities. I think this idea could transform the way companies and interest groups alike engage in social responsibility.

What ideas or suggestions do you have? Is this something that CSR offices would jump on? Or is there a reason this doesn't exist yet?

I'm looking forward to a stimulating discussion!

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    Aug 5 2012: Oh wow, Layar's pretty cool! It's like turning real live things into websites using augmented reality. This makes me think of all sorts of possibilities like games and stuff. Oh cool idea, we could augment graffiti art in urban places. So like you can only see the graffiti artworks through augmented reality.

    Your idea also kinda reminds me of Geotagging. So you're turning re-forestation into a game with the idea of augmented reality? lol, sounds good to me.