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A pill that REDUCES ones sex drive.. for sex offenders.

To cut recidivism down and to stop the spreading of disease and more sex related crimes of sex offenders. A pharmaceutical company should create a pill that reduces ones sex drive and be mandatory for sex offenders under supervision or for life..

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    Aug 4 2012: What I do agree with is that we need to start looking at and for root causes rather than punish people for their physiology over which they can exert only so much control.
  • Aug 8 2012: No.
    That just amounts to a mild form of torture, but torture nonetheless.
    There have been many attempts to somehow control, thwart and reduce this "so-called' disorder and they have pretty much all failed.

    Theological reprogramming, similar to that used on gays, psychological reprogramming that cannot change anyone's normal orientation, chemical castration that is torture because it is so inhumane, persecution ala witch-hunts as in more ancient-and-up-to-present times, incarceration, and just plain hate baked with a large amount of lies.

    Those who have looked at the issue have often wondered or asked, "what will work? and why hasn't anything worked?"
    The answer is in the fact that pedophilia itself, and as some refer to it today as pedo-sexual, is normal.
    It is normal and you cannot cure normal. It doesn't need to be cured and that is why the horrible things done haven't worked.

    We need more truthful education of the masses and also we should allow those so labeled to be able to demonstrate proof of their claims. After all, the only way to prove any kind of sexual interaction with children is abusive, is to actually harm them. If one doesn't harm, then no harm is done. Sex all by itself is not a moral issue to begin with. It is not abusive or harmful.
    It has no moral nature. The moral nature in all things in life is in how one treats another, not in what the topic is.

    Creating a free and better world has to include all people.
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    Aug 4 2012: Such medication already exists and is indeed a chemical cosh. Whilst the person is in an environment where it can be ensured the medication is taken, it may give the person enough time to think about what is going on and get some sort of talking therapy in place. If the person is out in the community there are just too many opportunities not to engage with the process of monitoring themselves let alone actually engage with therapy, medical or talking therapy. It is about time and money as well as the individual. Some individuals will need more time and money but what is the cost to society if they are not allowed the space to be different and put their focus and energies into something constructive.
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    Aug 4 2012: I think those measures may be too harsh. I recommend Napoleon Hill's 'Think and Grow Rich', which talks about the mystery of sex transmutation.
    When people need help, help they should get; even when people are to be punished, it should be done in love.
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    Aug 4 2012: Sex offender recidivism is mostly a media myth, Anthony. Per a 2002 Department of Justice Study, recidivism among sex offenders is about 5%, as opposed to 68% for all other crimes. And yet we burden these people, who have paid their debt to society, with housing restrictions and publicly-available listings that the others do not get.
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    Aug 4 2012: I believe that Benperidol, Depo-Provera and cyproterone are already used for this purpose, although there may be some side effects.