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Which is the kindest country in the world?

My 7 year old daughter Ananya asked me this very simple but very important question. I guess there is no easy way to quantify. I thought this was worthy of debate.

What are your thoughts?


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  • Aug 4 2012: HI all,
    I think the proverb "Don't judge the book by the cover" applies for everything and the same for choosing which country is the kindest. We all know that people behave different depending on their culture, geographic situation and their country.
    For example, depending on the culture, one may find one country as bad, while another person with a different culture may find the same country as the kindest. So the question which country is the kindest in the world? I belive it depends on people and how they see/accept that country.
    • Aug 10 2012: Good point. Its a relative thing. Maybe a straight answer is not possible.

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