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How could we use the fact we have seven senses to interpret our world and focus on social and economic issues as two sides of one coin.

We have known for some time we have five literal senses sight hearing taste touch and smell and can link these to external features on our bodies. What if we have forgotten our other two senses because they are hidden on the inside of us. What if the two missing senses or lenses to experience the world are our sense of spirituality and our sense of instinct. There is starting to be an evidence base in the social sciences for exploring these two senses. The physical manifestation of instinct is in the genetic, nervous and endocrine systems of us with biochemical and electrical impulses as the messengers and our cultural heritage is the product. The physical manifestation of spirituality being in the way our systems operate effectively with our behaviours and emotions as the messengers and the hopes and dreams and stories we create as the product. All research begins with hopes and dreams. It is the foundation of a hypothesis, in the question the research will answer. The eventual product is more energetic, more productive, more creative humankind. What might be the cost of ignoring the two meta-senses or meta-lenses? What toxic nfluence might environmental stresses both physical and meta mean to humankind's positive development ?


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  • Aug 4 2012: I am not completely sure that the religion side of spirituality is a sense. I think it is more a way for us to cope with the mind wrecking fact that we will die and that when we die on the "other side" there might be nothing but oblivion. I personally do believe in a designer but I can't help but think that my belief is born in my own fear of death.
    On the other hand the set of morals that every human shares (with the exception of mentally disturbed people like psychopaths) Is definately important and is perhaps "sence" that has most contributed to the sucess of the human race. Our morals are what make us human which is why immoral actions are called inhumane.

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