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Automatic garden pest control sprinkler.

I started a garden for the first time, and I had fantastic growth. Then the pests came in an tried to destroy it. So I buy a pump sprayer and go to town on them. Well I dang near killed my plants in the process. This is where I had the idea of a solar powered pest control sprinkler. It would need a container to hold pest control agent (liquid); a sprinkler that can adjust from 0 to 360 degrees, and a time and day control panel. This would help automate pest control for my garden so the garden gets routine pesticides without me over spraying it and killing my garden.


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  • Aug 3 2012: It wasn't my first choice by any means. I tried to use natural pest controls and it failed me. So it came down to it, I use a chemical or I'm going to lose my crops.
    Do you have a better solution? I'd be interested in hearing it.
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      Aug 3 2012: Sorry, I am no gardener, but I could picture a lot of information on this on the internet.

      My father used to have a barrel filled with clean water and stinging nettles. With time the plants rot in the barrel and formed a brownish stinky brew which pretty much killed all but the crops when poured over it by a watering can.

      But besides the 'fun' of gardening and this chemical warfare in prospect, I would really consider if I was dependent on my own grown crops for a living.

      So instead of buying all this chemicals you could leave the pest problem to the professionals and spend the money instead on their biologically grown crops.

      This way you would save your ground water and soil and you could plant flowers instead (or additionally) in those 'pest years'.

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