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Webinars and Skype meetings everyday!!!

Dear TED community,
I would like to ask you to have Skype or Google+ Hang Outs for sharing our ideas, explainging a new thing or even to have debates with me. Furthermore, I love the chance of posting and sharing ideas on TED conversations, but I would like to go further.
I have lots of questions and I am interested almost any field of learning.
Let's do it!!!
Here is my
SKYPE NAME: learningisfun7
Google+: Zenith Vom


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    Aug 3 2012: I think TED should make this a feature of the TED site
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      Aug 3 2012: Maybe they should add that feature to their Google Plus account. Host a Hangout room for anyone to join 24/7 and "hang out" lol
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        Aug 3 2012: yea like a chat room using business conference software. Though may be easier to run on TED
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          Aug 3 2012: I only suggested Google Plus because the infrastructure Google Hangout is already there, and it's free...

          And I noticed Ted has their own Google Plus account so, I didn't think it would take much effort at all to just set up some kind of hangout room there.
  • Aug 4 2012: Anyone if you have time, please let me know! I think our first meeting is going to be very soon. :)
    I will be around so you can write me and probably meet online!!!
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    Aug 3 2012: I'd love to join, I'll see if I can fit it in my schedule...