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What adverse effects will the kids have, whose moms are working professionals?

There are kids in this world, some who have the luxury of troubling their mom at wish and some who have to schedule 15 minutes of story time with thei mom everyday.

What impact will the kids have if they don't have their moms at their disposal.


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    Aug 5 2012: Questions like this one are among the reasons why I don't see myself raising children anytime in the near future. I don't want to be confronted with these things, I don't want to have the impression I might be a bad mom, just because I would refuse to quit my job for my hypothetical children. In any case, how is it possible to generalize this sort of issue? Doesn't it depend on 1) the child itself and its character 2) both parents, not only the mother 3) the surrounding family and friends who can help?

    When I was little, I would spend lots of time with my great-grandmother, because my mom was working part-time. Did it harm me? Hell, no! On the contrary, it helped me to see the world from a different point of view with everything my great-grandmother told me. Moreover, it helped me to gain a tiny bit of independence, as in walking home alone all by myself, like a big girl.
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      Aug 6 2012: Thanks for the reply.

      Just my opinions about your thought

      1) the child itself and its character.
      irrespective of the child don't you think moms are necessary to be around and nurture them.
      2) both parents, not only the mother .
      father being with child is luxury, but mom being with child is basic necessity.
      3) the surrounding family and friends who can help.
      when you do not have time for your kid, how do you expect others to spend.

      I am always afraid of such a scenario where kids have their moms replaced by grand mothers as i have seen many kids in my neighborhood in similar scenario. Don't you think there will be a tremendous generation gap between a kid who spends his time form age 1 to 10 with his mom and a kid who spends 30 % with his mom and 70 % with grand parents

      The different point of view i visualize is a older perspective which might be different but may not be essentially current or have a future outlook.

      But ya not raising children at all definitely seems like a better option than to give birth and then look for some one else to raise our child.

      Being able to get things done independently might seem like a great achievement and it is... but accumulated value over the generations becomes lesser in that track.

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