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Could you tell me about a small kindness from a stranger that made a real difference to you (in whatever way)?

If I look back at my life, the sweet small kindnesses of strangers are pivotal and really combine to help shape my world view - and they probably have no idea.


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    Aug 3 2012: Just a month back while I was walking out of a shopping mall along with my family , in dark on the pavement my younger son was running and suddenly got stuck with an iron bar of the pavement railing. I got puzzled thinking of serious injury and he was crying like anything......wife worried, elder son also started weeping.

    I was looking for something cold to rub before I take him to emergency....one of my friend was with us crossed the street running to buy a bottle of cold water........meantime out of dark 3 /4 men came out , two of them were holding small chunks of ice in their hands and were offering to me.....they were actually three wheeler driver waiting in front of mall fo catch passengers.........I don't konw how and from where they brought ice so quick....how they understood I am looking for ice , as I don't speak their language neither they speak mine nor they speak English.I

    was short of words to thank them.........my elder son later with all his childlike excitement told me he was surprised to see such good people in a foreign country........Yes every country has lot of good people was my answer to him

    By the way , 20 minutes later we were confirmed at emergency that nothing is wrong with my son.......
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      Aug 3 2012: i am delighted that your boy is fine and thrilled to know that this crucial kindness is everywhere. Thank you, Salim!
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        Aug 3 2012: Thanks Debra and also welcome you are....

        I feel the world is still livable despite of all huge man made as well as natural catastrophes time to time because of such small but great kindness....

        As usual you opened up a very impactful and close to life discussion.Have a good day
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          Aug 3 2012: "I feel the world is still livable " -it sure is with men like you in it!
          Thank you.
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      Aug 3 2012: Your extraordinary ability to find great lessons in everyday experiences always amazes me Salim.

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