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What company, nonprofit organization, and the likes, do you know have progressed with the times, but can do a lot more to improve?

The companies that you see have progressed through the changing times to fit the needs of the people and the world, but feel that they can still improve in certain areas. Who are they, and what could they do better?

Think in terms of some well known companies, non-profit organizations, and the likes.

Update: Also, think in terms of ways they could improve economically, socially, environmentally, and structurally.

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    Aug 3 2012: ...

    But if you take a closer look at production level, there is hardly any time or even good will left to care about it at all.

    The only time this topic becomes a big buzz is for audition purposes only. May they be internal or external.

    Today and as customers we can expect less quality and this for the same price, if we are lucky. In the future and if this tendency proceeds, we will pay even more for our products yet they will not last as long as they used to.

    This is one of the 'down side' elements of an economy which is immanently based on continuous growth and which forced itself to ROI cycles (return on investment) which are in average less than 2-3 years in product development today.

    So if you ever come across something which was build in the 1950s (except cars and electrical devices), go get it and it will last a lifetime!

    For many engineers these times are our unwanted legacy that we are forced to this technical 'evidence of incapacity', and it's the market, not the people who caused this!

    So if it ever happens to you to see that the company you are working for is hiering a management consulting company, you may prepare yourself in advance, as the wind usually blows much colder afterwards if you get the chance to feel this wind at all...
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      Aug 5 2012: Very interesting Jan, if you could change the whole system, where would you start and what would you do to fix this problem that you stated?
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        Aug 5 2012: I would eliminate the immanent urge and false necessity in world economy for continuous growth for the sake of growth only (blind maximization of profit and shareholder value). The given system does not protect our only planet and does not serve the majority of all human beings. Gambling and betting belongs in casinos for those who likes it and not in an healthy economy.

        I would eliminate the established yet faulty monetary system which did not proof itself appropriate to ensure stable, fair and reliable markets and societies.

        I would eliminate the political influence of financial power over the common interest of the majority of the people, our planet and to protect our minorities as well.

        I would enable social and technological progress to finally serve and to free 'the people' and not to enslave them into a hamster-wheel of the interest of a view.

        Education and information has to serve the individual needs of 'the people' in forming and supporting their talents and not to serve as a standardized forging die for employees.

        The list goes on and on. But we should finally start to learn from our past and present mistakes to evolve as a whole constantly for a better.
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    Aug 3 2012: Hello Derek,

    I am afraid that I don't have any optimistic views to share with you on this topic.

    What I have experienced within the field of material science working for almost all areas in which metals are being used today, the overall tendency is quite depressing.

    Due to the opening of the 'global market' the battle of pricing and shareholder value has taken over the former care for product quality and the care for the people producing and ensuring them. And this battle has just begun.

    I can mainly speak for my country and as a mechanical engineer with a working experience of about 20 years within a field ranging from 'pure research', mid-size and global size companies.

    The working conditions are getting continuously worse. Less and less people have to do the same work than before and even more to fulfill objectives which became off every realistic proportion. The numbers of 'outburning syndrome' within the lower and middle management positions (the so called 'high performers') are on the rise and alarmingly high already.

    Outsourcing of former employees, mainly workers, into new formed sub-contractors, forcing them into less payed employment contracts, became a general tendency in the market.

    General subcontracted labour increased dramatically, as it is less expensive and easy to hire and fire. All of this is constantly undermining the former well organized and strong labor unions, which themselves actually proofed quite understandable and supportive at critical time before. But this did not get rewarded at all.

    Product quality is maintained, controlled and traced on paper only. As time is money and quality is taking time and well trained people - you do the math yourself... All of this 'lately' installed quality management programs and certifications, such as DIN EN ISO 9000, 9001, 9004, 19011, etc. are looking pretty neat if they are hanging framed at the wall or if they get printed on the official letter paper.

    to ce continued ...
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    Aug 3 2012: Definitely Google, at the moment.

    They've been keeping up with all the different new technology markets out there. They've also been keeping up with their online services too, like Google+, Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, etc.

    Currently, Google's in the strongest position than any other company imo
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    Aug 3 2012: Look to Princess Margaret Cancer hospital in Toronto for a forward thinking place. I just read a book (when I remember its name and author I will add it) and he helped them craft a mission statement and then they donated their work to revitalize hospitals across Canada. They are really a current model of what you are looking for and TED philospophy in action.