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Should teachers be asked or required to motivate as well as reach their students?

As a student who loves to learn I never understood my peers who were afraid of or who didn't enjoy school! But whether I understood them or not the fact remains the same. There are people who do not like to learn or go to school. Well obviously this is a real issue and my question is should teachers be in charge of not only teaching students about their subject but also inspiring them to enjoy, learn, and share knowledge. If they should do this, how can they create an environment where this can happen?


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  • Aug 9 2012: Yes they should be forced more times than not a students interest and success highly corresponds with how the particular teacher teaches his or her subject or class. It is important for teachers to interact with their students in an academic level and try to raise the students interest in the subject. A teacher that can not achieve that in my opinion does not deserve to shape and mold young minds.

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