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Using Fibonacci's Golden Section of Numbers as applied to looking at a beehive can we extrapolate ideas for human interactions.

Given that we live in an increasingly dense community and our current resources seem to be interfering with nature's filters can we find a way of nurturing the men in our society so they don't need to be so angry and fight everything but can think first and use what they know to benefit others.

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    Lejan .

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    Aug 3 2012: Hmm, no need to stress Fibonacci here, as men are not that complicated.
    A simple testosterone-blocker will do the job... :o)
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      Aug 3 2012: LOL
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        Aug 3 2012: Debate closed? :o)
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          Aug 3 2012: Well, we could continue the debate. So your solution would be to use testosterone-blockers on the ragers? Even if it were against their will?
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        Aug 3 2012: Agreed, we better move on discussing this before some are getting ideas! :o)
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          Aug 3 2012: lol I ran out of likes for you, but you got another one in spirit :)

          Ok I got one solution.

          Is it possible to simply reduce their testosterone level to "normal" levels, rather than erase it completely?
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        Aug 3 2012: Well, there is an open question on TED at the moment about 'right angles in nature' which we could use to define the maximal limit of what 'normal' testosterone levels were allowed to rise... :o)

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          Aug 3 2012: I guess deciding what the exact level of "normal" testosterone level is another debate itself.
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        Aug 3 2012: It truly is!
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      Aug 6 2012: Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! Don't give them solutions like that Jan, they make up 55% of a democracy : p

      Maybe we could all just start getting exercise and putting our testosterone to good use... Oh, I've heard vigorous sex helps, too.

      Can't we just say that's the solution?
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        Aug 6 2012: Understood and agreed for one condition only! :o)

        Headaches and migraines got to be true to be stated... ;o)
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    Aug 6 2012: Hi David lovely ideas. Peaceful, gentle ideas that develop slowly are great. I wanted to use the beehive analogy more to talk about the structure of the world that we all operate in and how what society expects us all to do might influence how people behave in a society. What the human race might be capable of if allowed to develop peacefully and slowly rather than progress obtained through extreme stress and toxic reactions. I do find English is a difficult language to communicate in at times because each word has so many different meanings. I was looking to an idea from Maths to communicate the idea of steady progress rather than extremes but I am not at all literate in Maths. As Aristotle was saying vices are only the two extremes of a virtue and Socrates said a virtue is only what best suits the society we are operating in. Sometimes it seems that all the media talk about is the pursuit of happiness then psychologists say well actually humans are more motivated by loss than potential gains. We are global children now, where can we look for the information and wisdom we need to guide us. I am suggesting it is still there. I am suggesting there is potential for cross fertilizatoin in the evidenced knowledge of science as it exists at the moment but in science that is obtained ethically not under the duress of war. I am suggesting it is important for the gentleness of men and the strength of women to be employed in the searching for answers. Do you know about the waggle dance that bees perform? We all need to dance with our minds before anything else.
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    Aug 6 2012: Yes I see exactly what you are saying. I have been having conversations on other threads about similar themes. You might like to look at members James Zhang and Debra Smith and David Hamilton (all whose photos are posted as recent commentators (really need to get my own photo sorted, you can see about me on my Profile). ' the heart has reasons that reason cannot comprehend'. We do not yet fully understand what the human body knows or is capable of. We have all sorts of diagnostic tools but sometimes there is also wisdom in our cultural backgrounds. Women if given a choice, tend to go for genetic difference because it makes the gene pool stronger. The price of this is the loss of social support particularly if the difference involves ethnic difference. It is the children who pay the ultimate price because they do not get sufficent support in an appropriate environment to achieve their full potential. I am trying to be kind with my words because this is not a simple argument with a one size fits all answer. It is multi dimensional and involves nature and nurture. Do not in any way shape or form support any ideas about eugenics or any other unethical destructive ideas.
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    Aug 6 2012: I would simply suggest that encouraging men to compete, with skills, in safe and healthy environments is the key to tempering their spirits. More exercise, martial arts, sports, adult science fairs, pay some pretty women to cheer at chess matches : p
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    Aug 4 2012: Need to chose my words more carefully. Trying to say it is a very bad idea for a society to regard men as disposable. We are not bees we are humans. Was hoping to encourage a debate about parenting and what happens when fathers and grandfathers are not available for what ever reason. The idea about Leonardo being that sometimes it is in imagining first, that is hypothesising that discoveries about things like human interactions and intergenerational support can be discovered.
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      Aug 6 2012: The majority of the generation of my father did not really participate in nurturing their children and at that time gender roles were clearly separated and widely accepted (by men) or endured (by woman).

      My generation grew up differently. We faced female emancipation in all its shades and we did not expect woman to be 'happy pretty housewifes' and were willing to do our part in nurturing as we understood, that those children were also a part of us.

      But something else changed in my generation as well. Due to the emancipation, divorces became socially accepted and women were no longer depending on man for their financial security and social status.

      Marriage no longer was able to be misused for suppression and due to the invention of birth control pills, women and man found and formed new ways of living together.

      This new freedom liberated marriage in many positive ways, yet it also diluted obligations which were connected to marriage before.

      As divorces became accepted there was no pressing need from both sides to stay together if the marriage did not turn out fulfilling.

      Since then the numbers of single mothers and single fathers 'families' exploded almost exponentially and many children grew up since missing 'the other parent'.

      In Germany the divorce law got the tendency, that mothers are most likely to get the upbringing rights for the children, whereas fathers get visiting rights and alimony obligations for their children.

      To me this is one of the major reasons why fathers and grandfathers are not available for many children and it is the price they got to pay for our new established and accepted 'gender freedom'.

      The only chance I see, is picking the right 'husband' and the right 'wife' at the very beginning, yet we all know that exactly this can turn out to become the 'tricky' part of marriage...

      So to me, it is not males 'anger' which caused this tendency, it the our freedom of choice which is taken by both genders today.
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    Aug 3 2012: lol

    I'm sure there are more nice guys than total douchebags out there.