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E-Booking: How to improve the effectiveness of the health sector through overall patient allocation.

The idea is a novel solution by creating a national E-surgery booking system The key features of the solution will be a central website. Home-doctors go online and fill in their patient´s condition and necessary surgery so they can compare waiting times across hospitals.

Patients can choose their surgeon they prefer. Possibly book surgery across states if it is necessary. The advantages are that is a low cost system which is easy to operate for patients as well as hospitals. The running costs will be marginal.

By that the overall effectiveness of the public health care sector could be improved.

Looking forward to your Feedback!


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  • Aug 4 2012: And do you think elder people will be able to get used to this new online service? I think a lot of people over 60 who are not used to using the computer won't abandon the traditional system.

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