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Universe creator, what attributes must a Creator possess? I’m asking about just the necessary attributes to be able to create what is.

Using William of Occam's concept, Quantum Philosophy boils it down to 2 basic attributes.

"A creator" has turned out to be bad wording, too many associations. A creator in the plane sense of the word does not have to be a deity. But this question has proved how bias our scientific minds are. We have proven to be no less jaded / conditioned than men of faith. Talking to men of science about a creator has proven to be similar to talking to men of faith about science, too many biases to get to the rational part of the brain. Being a man if science I would think better of my peers.


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    Aug 3 2012: Wanted: Creator of Everything.
    Must be Spirit. Infinite, Eternal and Unchangeable in Wisdom; Being; Power; Holiness; Justness; Goodness; Mercy; and Truth.
    • Aug 4 2012: That is a lot of attribute. Are you sure you can’t boil it down to two or three main must have attributes? There is a reason behind the question.
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        Aug 4 2012: Occam's Razor is useful in developing a theoretical model. Is that what you are doing, Mr. Humphrey? If so, I am not sure the heuristic approach is appropriate. Empiricism, rules-of-thumb, and thinking inside the box are of limited value when seeking to understand the supernatural realm, where faith is the key. However, if you insist you may shorten my list to these three attributes: Infinite; Eternal; and Immutable. Thank you!
        • Aug 4 2012: So you’re saying as long as a catalyst has the ability to be "Infinite; Eternal; and Immutable" then those attributes allow he/she/it to create? I don’t see how these sets of attributes will bring about Me. Not saying the catalyst doesn’t have these attributes just saying I don’t think these are the qualifiers for a catalyst.
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          Aug 8 2012: You know William in science and chemistry a catalyst has some defining characteristics.
          It speeds up a reaction and is generally not consumed.

          Apply this to your hypothetical situation and the great catalyst just speed up the development of the universe.

          We also don't know if it was consumed in the act of creation so may not be a catalyst at all.
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        Aug 5 2012: RE: "So you're saying. . . "As with the other question currently before us I do not consent to your substitution of the word "catalyst" for my phrase "Creator of Everything". I was asked to shorten the description of the Creator of Everything. That vivisection of my definition deprives me of the needed substance to support my position. I find I have brought a knife to a gunfight. Unless I can choose my own weapon I am going to run away from this duel. Thank you!
        • Aug 5 2012: It is easy to predict the outcome when you design all of the controls but that is the nature of experiments. I like picking people’s brain. I to have conclusions for my questions and our destination am the same. Thanks for your wisdom and participation.

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