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Universe creator, what attributes must a Creator possess? I’m asking about just the necessary attributes to be able to create what is.

Using William of Occam's concept, Quantum Philosophy boils it down to 2 basic attributes.

"A creator" has turned out to be bad wording, too many associations. A creator in the plane sense of the word does not have to be a deity. But this question has proved how bias our scientific minds are. We have proven to be no less jaded / conditioned than men of faith. Talking to men of science about a creator has proven to be similar to talking to men of faith about science, too many biases to get to the rational part of the brain. Being a man if science I would think better of my peers.


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  • Aug 5 2012: This is very complex question in itself. Really though, it seems the whole question is more of a philosophical one than a scientific one. The whole idea of a creator is rather unexplainable by science. If one says that the universe is based on physical constants and scientific laws, then a theist would state a creator created the constants and the laws. It is really two different outlooks. Belief in a creator doesn't really contradict science (for science cannot really address things beyond the physical realm), and a belief in a creator shouldn't make one forsake science. The two can coexist peacefully. (sorry for the rant! I am rather tired of all of the incredibly biased opinions that I have been hearing from my friends about this topic lately. If you are at all interested in this approach though, the BioLogos.org web page has a lot of information on the topic. Francis S. Collins has also written a very detailed book on the matter. I am a Christian who also believes in evolution; the two can coexist.)

    To try to answer your question, I think it is almost impossible to say what would be required in a creator. The only really quality would be that He (It?) would have to be able to create. We base our view on what would be required for life; however, we only know about the life on earth. If the universe was created totally different with different constants and different laws, would life require the same things? We are applying Occam's razor to a concept (a creator) that is supernatural. This once again goes back to my idea that this is really more of a philosophical question than a scientific one.
    • Aug 5 2012: I believe that your comment is an almost perfect view. It was a pleasure reading it. The question is very philosophical in nature but it can also be address through scientific lenses also. The ability to create I would definitely say is a necessary attribute. If I were to ask you for 2 specific qualifying traits what would they be?
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      Aug 8 2012: Hypothetical, not just philosophical.

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