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Universe creator, what attributes must a Creator possess? I’m asking about just the necessary attributes to be able to create what is.

Using William of Occam's concept, Quantum Philosophy boils it down to 2 basic attributes.

"A creator" has turned out to be bad wording, too many associations. A creator in the plane sense of the word does not have to be a deity. But this question has proved how bias our scientific minds are. We have proven to be no less jaded / conditioned than men of faith. Talking to men of science about a creator has proven to be similar to talking to men of faith about science, too many biases to get to the rational part of the brain. Being a man if science I would think better of my peers.


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    Aug 4 2012: My Maths vocabulary is not strong enough to define attributes, do you mean like the information plotted on the two axis of a graph. Do you mean like in an experiment where you have a reaction caused by the actions of one substance on another. What about reactions that occur like waves. Need a bit more information.
    • Aug 4 2012: Any way of representing a working creator is fine. 1. It has to be able to create the worlds as it is 2. It should be reduce to its most basic aspects. I’m not that math savvy either.

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