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Wherefore religions. What's it really about?

Religions are, in the final analysis, based on collective searches for a resolution to fears which have no possible rational solution.


Closing Statement from O'Neil Poree

No comment directly addressed my clear thesis.
One (Humphrey) positively acknowledged it.
One (Debra) seemed to enjoy it as much as I hoped the cognoscenti would.

Most denied, it seems to me, that we are apparently buried in a universe we are neither well-enough equipped to understand nor safe in our pretensions to be the end-product and purpose or this complex creation.

No one applauded the implications that our view of creation either is incomplete (scientific) or irrational (religious).

I am very pleased with TED's provision of a billboard to get this idea into the entire group's cognitive space (especially without the necessity toattempt to write a complete philosophy textlet).

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  • Aug 9 2012: In my opinion, they are a set of laws (sacred and fearful), so we live a civilized life, better than what we come from "ANIMALS".

    Say, a way of life!

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