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Corporate waste worth recycling - giving unwanted stationary to communities in need to support education

Every day corporations in developed countries use branded stationary to sell their products. However, what happens to these branded pens and paper when the company changes their logo or stops the product line? Brand new unused pens and paper become waste.

Every day kids in developing countries struggle to apply their learnings because they don't have access to pens and paper. Every day kids in developing countries can't express their creativity and draw a picture because they don't have pens/pencils/paper

What about if we connect corporations who want to get rid of their unwanted stationary and communities in need of stationary. Kids don't care if the paper has a logo on it, they just want to express themselves and apply their learning . This creativity and education enables future life opportunities and choices.

I started Planet Pen 2 years ago and have enabled this connection in Africa, Asia and the south pacific with 65,000 pens being distributed so far.

I'd appreciate if anyone out there can help me to make more connections or offer ideas on how to make it global initiative.

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  • Aug 2 2012: Gabrial, Governemnt Departments regularly change names, change logos or by-lines and dump all their stationary. I don't know who is directly responsible for stationary in the various departments, but between us we must know at least one or two people in eachy department who could direct you to the right person.
    Great idea.
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    Aug 2 2012: Nice! Way to be efficient!