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We want to build a unique, a non-profit school in Tajikistan for children from middle and poor class families.

Dear Friends, assume that you were given $ 1 million USD. You are requested to build an unusual school with this money where children could study from 1st to 11th forms. You are given the freedom of imagination, starting from the development of education and ending with the building design and classrooms at this school.

We want to build a unique, a non-profit school in Tajikistan for children from middle and poor class families. So, we intensely would like to consider your recommendations.

Your advices are highly preffered!


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    Aug 8 2012: Hello Nekruz,

    I've recently been looking at a lot of different school based settings in which teaching takes place and considering the different contributing factors which are those that make up a classroom and essentially a school.

    With the amount of money that you are talking about you would be able to provide a school for both students and staff that has many resources to aid various educational approaches and programs.

    I personally believe that in a time where society is ever changing so fast sustainability needs to be a big concern when building a structure that will house many years of teaching and learning so in stating this i plead with you to have a look at sustainable options such as passive solar heating.

    http://www.dwls.org/sustainability.html - this is a school in Ladakh which was effected by some landslides in 2011. Upon rebuilding the school they seeked help from some UK and US universities to design the school to be as beneficial for learning as it was the environment. May this be a possibility with your school and classrooms?

    As for the development of education it would be imperative to look at the community in which the school is placed and the industries surrounding the schools general vicinity. This would allow for a basic idea of a curriculum focus and possible approaches to learning that may need to occur.

    Also it may be an idea to ask the community which the students are a part of and coming from what they would hope the school will achieve with its students.

    Lastly please consider the individual learners within your curriculum approaches. So many times I have audited schools and consulted with teachers and though the ideas the teachers pose are fantastic, individual learners are often left wondering and not being catered for. By engaging education with all learners you will reach a higher level of learning and understanding with your pupils.

    AND where ever possible incorporate Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies. The future

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