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Do you think that there is a revelation for everyone, a sort of a guideline for (re)designing our lives?

Sometimes, individuals feel that they need some kind of guidelines for continuing with their lives. Several reasons establish an stagnation-like way of living. Maybe you and I were in this situation in any time. It were hard to find a person who really understands our feelings and thoughts about a certain matter. So, we were forced to take crucial decisions by ourselves. But, in some cases, we realized that decisions taken this way were not the ones we should take. Then, we ask to ourselves: "Could we get some kind of revelation in order to feel we are doing 'the right thing' from now on?" What is the nature of this source of revelation? Can we trust this source of revelation? How can we be sure of the value and scope of revelations given? Are revelations only possible inside a theological framework?


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  • Aug 3 2012: seek truth/find truth
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      Aug 4 2012: I'm still trying to decode your viewpoint. I don't know why your words reminded me of some Buddha's words. Rather, they reminded me of some Buddha's experience. When we was seeking for the Truth, he suddenly found sin, misery, pain and hopelessness. By denying material existence around him, he tried to approach the Truth at no matter which cost. I'm sure he indeed found something very similar to Truth when he progressively was leaving his earthly body. However, this solution was not in the space of material world, but in the space of "living truths". Say, dear Rhona, is it a "valid" experience to seek Truth "here" and find it "out there"? "Valid", in the sense of satisfying a needing here and now, for life is so short and we have to move on! In other sense, is a local truth to say that when someone found a truth it's because she/he was seeking for some true and satisfying. But, in a wide sense, it is not necessarily true, because of, say, a kind of revelation, for instance. This rest as an open question, yes. Thanks for your comment.

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