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Do you think that there is a revelation for everyone, a sort of a guideline for (re)designing our lives?

Sometimes, individuals feel that they need some kind of guidelines for continuing with their lives. Several reasons establish an stagnation-like way of living. Maybe you and I were in this situation in any time. It were hard to find a person who really understands our feelings and thoughts about a certain matter. So, we were forced to take crucial decisions by ourselves. But, in some cases, we realized that decisions taken this way were not the ones we should take. Then, we ask to ourselves: "Could we get some kind of revelation in order to feel we are doing 'the right thing' from now on?" What is the nature of this source of revelation? Can we trust this source of revelation? How can we be sure of the value and scope of revelations given? Are revelations only possible inside a theological framework?


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  • Aug 3 2012: Consider auto revelation and epochal revelation.

    Auto would be self. Epochal would be for a large number of people over a substantial time frame and likely intend huge benefits for mankind.

    What you seem to be asking is of the auto revelation type and you seem to be wondering about its origin.

    I viewed the nine suggested presentations. All of them directly relate to human relationships, life improvement, sharing for progress, etc. Is it possible the minds of such people were prepared years in advance for sudden new ideas? Is it possible individuals are being watched and unbeknowingly aided? Seems like a reasonable assumption.

    Someone recently asked about equality. We are not equally endowed intellectually, but we can desire to serve and to have good ideas. Capability varies, but effects can be astonishing. Someone several weeks ago asked about intuition. Some people call them "heavenly hunches". Would this be a type of auto revelation?

    Revelation. A topic worthy of discussion. If not possible, then why not?

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      Aug 4 2012: Thanks, Mark, for your clever comment. Maybe I have not realized I was talking about that "auto revelation" as you define it. I thought I was talking about a kind of revelation other than this "auto revelation", and maybe different from "epochal revelation". Consider the following case: One friend of me, call him Jack, was waiting for his girlfriend at a corner. Suddenly, another friend Sam passes in front of him, and goes to say hello to Jack. Then, Sam invites Jack to drink a coup of coffee in at a coffee shop nearby. Jack initially refuses Sam's proposal. Then, suddenly, he changes his viewpoint. He doesn't understand why, because he needs to wait for her girlfriend at the corner. Anyway, he has made the decision to take a break. So, he said, "you have 5 minutes to talk with me, 'cause my girl is coming". Seven seconds away from the corner, when they were about to enter the coffee shop, they were looking back at the corner, for a terrible car crash just happened right there: a truck lost their course and it ran over another man who was exactly over the place Jack was waiting for his girlfriend, just seven seconds ago. You may imagine how Jack was feeling in that moment. What happened there? How revelation came to Jack's brain (or heart)? Maybe all of these have to do with "intuition". But it seems to me that this is not exactly the kind of "auto revelation" as we conceived it here. Indeed, revelation is a topic worthy of discussion. Thanks my friend for your contribution.
      • Aug 9 2012: Ramiro,
        I have little experience with such incidents or events you describe. However, I heard from other people who describe strange events. Some people refer to these as Providence in that many agencies of God, angels or other beings may be involved in changing situations. (intervention) Sometimes I doubt this.

        What Providence is involved for real crashes with loss of life? Where were the angels when an aircraft crashes or a shuttle craft disintegrates in space? Tough questions and difficult for people who want faith, but are befuddled when their preferences are stolen.

        My take is this: there are some protection events for some people for some reason. Why? I don't know. There could be an "event" in the mind causing a person to change decisions. What causes a person to take a different flight and be saved because the intended flight crashed without him on board? These kinds of questions are difficult.

        Perhaps we'd be wise to attempt a larger perspective. Maybe life here on Earth is just the start and many new learning opportunities await us. Life ended early here may be a loss, but larger learning provisions are available. Is it really a loss to die here early? Survivors miss family and friends, but we who remain are still limited in the flesh, while those who go on are free of material limitations. Perhaps there is a larger plan for each person. Perhaps, if you accept the idea of Providence, there are personalities waiting on high.

        Caution here! We ought not to use ideas of such possibilities as an excuse to terminate! Life lessons are many and strong. Robust character of bravery and courage to deal with challenges is better that looking at the easy way out or to escape.

        Linked to revelation as you describe? Not sure at all. Life, experiences, possibilities, watch care, relationships----lots of questions for sure.
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          Aug 11 2012: Thanks, again, for opening a broad viewpoint about "revelations". The key here is, as you said: "there are some protection events for some people for some reason. Why? I don't know. There could be an "event" in the mind causing a person to change decisions. What causes a person to take a different flight and be saved because the intended flight crashed without him on board? These kinds of questions are difficult". Almost everybody have realized that an "imminent" event did not happened at all, against all odds, because of a rare kind of force intervened somehow and provoked a tremendous change, which at once much people don't even imagine it was such a great change that has happened. In other words, an event's "wave function" has not collapsed in a "soft" way, as almost everybody were waiting to happen. This is the kind of cause I was trying to say as a "revelation". Now, what causes this "discrete decaying" of an event's "wave function" is the real question to be solved. Another question linked to that one is: why sometimes there exists a "shift" in an event for taking place in one way and not the other? why do people think this is a matter of chance? So, what is "chance"? Why some people are "lucky" and why the rest of the world look at those people as a little suspicious? It's worth to take a look at this questions some time. Thanks, Mark, for putting the question in this "revealing" form.
      • Aug 12 2012: Ramiro, I don't believe there is anything that happens by chance in this world. Everything happens for a purpose, which usually is to help us, by giving us a head's up, to acknowledge the existence of a spiritual world. Life and living is a spiritual activity, It also shows that Someone is in charge who hopes we make the right decision while using our freewill.

        The moment when our body dies is determined based on where we can be most useful, in this life or the next. That is the subject of this talk.

        One thing to say is "we are a spirit in a body", but that does not say or explain much. This book does explain what it means to be a spirit in a spiritual (parallel) world.

        What happens to us may also be easier explained if we accept the idea that this life, our life, has a purpose, and that the primary purpose is not about comfort or wealth or old age. We are what we love, so most important in our life is what we decide to love. What we make our ruling love.

        But I think I have left enough links for now :)

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