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Do you think that there is a revelation for everyone, a sort of a guideline for (re)designing our lives?

Sometimes, individuals feel that they need some kind of guidelines for continuing with their lives. Several reasons establish an stagnation-like way of living. Maybe you and I were in this situation in any time. It were hard to find a person who really understands our feelings and thoughts about a certain matter. So, we were forced to take crucial decisions by ourselves. But, in some cases, we realized that decisions taken this way were not the ones we should take. Then, we ask to ourselves: "Could we get some kind of revelation in order to feel we are doing 'the right thing' from now on?" What is the nature of this source of revelation? Can we trust this source of revelation? How can we be sure of the value and scope of revelations given? Are revelations only possible inside a theological framework?


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  • Aug 3 2012: A revelation can simply be the correct alignment of knowledge store in the brain. “Let’s get those brain sparks firing along more efficient paths!” What causes this alignment may simply be trial and error or it could be providence. The jury is still out on that. The book Quantum Philosophy has a very unique view on this matter.
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      Aug 4 2012: Thanks, William. That's the way I thought it: A revelation is a kind of "correct alignment of knowledge" in our brains. This alignment depends upon several parameters which are configuring reality near to a crossroad. Well, when we are about to see something happen, it emerges some weird circumstances that results in happening exactly the opposite we were expecting to happen. In cases like these, it seems like "someone" or "something" made the decisions in our behalf. This way, a revelation comes AFTER a difficult situation when it has been solved, and not BEFORE its solution. The great question here is: What was exactly the cause of the "alignment" of circumstances for having rendered the situation as it happened? Can we at least conjecture some properties about this "cause"? Why did it happened this way? I'm not reviewed the "Quantum Philosophy" book. But I think it is a great book, in regard of the world we are living in, which is of a quantum nature as far as it's known by now. Thanks for your comment.

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