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Do you think that there is a revelation for everyone, a sort of a guideline for (re)designing our lives?

Sometimes, individuals feel that they need some kind of guidelines for continuing with their lives. Several reasons establish an stagnation-like way of living. Maybe you and I were in this situation in any time. It were hard to find a person who really understands our feelings and thoughts about a certain matter. So, we were forced to take crucial decisions by ourselves. But, in some cases, we realized that decisions taken this way were not the ones we should take. Then, we ask to ourselves: "Could we get some kind of revelation in order to feel we are doing 'the right thing' from now on?" What is the nature of this source of revelation? Can we trust this source of revelation? How can we be sure of the value and scope of revelations given? Are revelations only possible inside a theological framework?


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    Aug 2 2012: Fortunately, few of the ambiguous decisions we have to make are life or death! I don't say this frivolously. I think it is important.
    I find often when we are at a crossroads there are actually several good paths. They may be different, and taking one road may preclude following the other ever, but many times when the decision is difficult it is because either would actually be a course worth trying. Whichever direction one takes at the crossroads, there will be some losses and some gains.
    [I have a particular interest (personal and professional) in crossroads. What could be more interesting than what happens at a crossroads?]
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      Aug 2 2012: Thanks again, Fritzie. One of my favourite fears is what can happen when the road taken leads me to a future event that could be equally attained by some of the rest of roads discarded when I was at the crossroads. Even at a lower cost in pain, time and other resources! During this moment, you realize that maybe the choice taken was not as good as I thought of. So, again, which criteria can show us some guidelines to make "the right thing", not only for today but, more interestingly, for the future? Is it necessary something like a "revelation" for choosing well? For sure, I agree with you that there is no thing more important than what happen at the lifetime's crossroads. Thanks for collaborating with your fine comments.
      • Aug 2 2012: Each has their own. Mine is the metaphysical domain (religion calls it divinity) from which the physical proceeds. It has two aspects, one is Consciousness {religion call it Spirit} (mind in phusical form) and the other is E-motion {meta physicians call it Will} (feeling in physical from).
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          Aug 3 2012: Thanks, John, for your theoretical support. I would wish to know, if you accept it, how this revelation at the life's crossroads are seen from the theological (or metaphysical) viewpoint. I mean, could you say something about how divinity, spirit and will play their role in this hard-to-do decision making at crossroads? Thanks again.

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