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Which factor will be considered more in the future? Profit or benefit?

Although the technology is growing at a staggering rate, some is still curbing the progress. For example, people won't give up their big oil companies which can make astronomical profits even though renewable, green energy can be well utilized. (If I were the owner, I probably wouldn't give up either.) Also, lots of great ideas eventually turn into an ugly business and lose their originality. So which factor will be more dominant in future? Are we able to move on much more efficiently without personal pursue of huge profits?


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    Aug 3 2012: IN MY VIEW:
    Consideration is always given to necessity but how we view and define necessity changes constantly. Currently profit is given consideration in order to make saving and living a relaxed life in later stages. There can be several other motivation as well such as acknowledgement, gaining power etc. The feeling of insecurity is very high in people specially regarding their future hence all they can think of is generating profit cause they believe it benefit them. Even though we aim profit we are doing so for our benefit. However our such action has blinded us from the holistic view of benefit. We focus on our profit and short term benefits but what we should do is focus on overall profit and long term benefit. I think in future people will understand the long term goal and will act accordingly

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