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Nikola Tesla's Energy Innovations

After watching several Ted Talks on Energy i have realized that most of the people even in Ted do not know the hidden Truth connected with the Energy Innovations of NIkola Tesla. He has become like a forgotten wizard. Indeed, he answered everything in the 19th century which we are searching now.

The law of conservation of energy states that the total amount of energy in a closed system remains constant. But there is no closed system in nature and nothing is constant. Everything in this universe is moving and entangled with one another. In South East Asia on December 26, 2004, when the entire scientific world failed to warn about the imminent threat of Tsunami, the wild animals electromagnetically sensed the danger and had already moved to safer zones of habitat. Historically, this entangled circuitry system is the reason for all forms of intuition from which Bohr discovered the shape of the atom, Archimedes used to get answers to many–a–thing, from where, Buddha spoke, Nicholas Tesla did his wonders, Wright Brothers invented flight, Kristian Birkeland did his ‘Terrella Experiment’. Maxwell, Schrödinger, Feynman, Heisenberg and other quantum champions used, to speak

My dear friends, knowing Truth is more important than simply worshiping or praising it. It is the corporate world that has destroyed Nikola Tesla's innovations just because they cannot make money out of it.

Indeed, the root of energy electromagnetic in nature and exists in nature for ages. Let us check the important videos connected with the Tesla's heartbeat from the links below.

Let us discuss about Nikola Tesla and his suppressed innovation that can give light to the world forever without a single penny!

Nikola Tesla - The Forgotten Wizard - Free Energy Secret

Tesla free energy for all (To the entire World)

Closing Statement from Chandrakanth Natekar

It is now the time for TESLA'S TRUE SCIENTIFIC VISION TO TALK. There is no need to mention his name when we spiritually know that he is living within us as a absolute voice of SCIENCE, but let us flow with NATURE by asking the below Question in order to have a healthy discussion to design tension-free and recession-free economic zone for the betterment of our coming generations:

How many days we can run the economy without productivity?

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    Apr 14 2011: The Truth sets you free and that is the Truth.
    Nikola Tesla the forgotten Wizard or the to be forgotten by the power hungry elite?
    Well that we ow to him everything we have now from the Internet electricity remote control and even robotics is the Truth.
    Why our children are still be educated with lies i.e. that Edison invented electricity and that Marconi Invented Radio (his invention of Radio was fined to be stolen from Tesla and in a ccourt ruling in 1943 attributed to tesla) that is another open question.
    Nikola Tesla envisioned free electricity for every one.
    That is a Hero.
    Our Vision today is not just free electricity wich is clean but also free or cheap Transportation for every one.
    Everything is possible one has only to put his mind to it.

    D.W. Major
    Zero Emission Transportation Ltd
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      Apr 15 2011: Thanks for the link. It is wonderful and the need of the time.
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        Apr 17 2011: Thank you.
        When I began this work and the R&D for it I could not believe what I found.
        Now after more then seven years I have yet one single person to find that found a flaw in it.
        Yet I have not even the financial backup to build a prototype.
        That tells you something about the Lies of Bill Gates and Richard Branson and all the other croonies.
        This Train could be the answer for Indias Transportation problem, no Airplane needet.
        An so much much more.

        This technology is cheaper then others yet is much more advanced the others and much much more capable.
        A truly 21st century System for a new generation.
        But to implement it I need support.

        D.W. Major
        Zero Emission Transportation Ltd
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    Mar 30 2011: there is freedom, and the illusion of freedom, and it seems as though those who reveal true freedom are hidden by those who master the illusion.
    • Apr 2 2011: that sounds familliar isn't that in the movie "the prestige" ? (not sure why it sounds familiar hehe.)
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        Apr 9 2011: i have no idea it was honestly just me, but it very well might be, im going to google it haha.

        edit-nope its just me lol
  • Apr 9 2011: [cont]
    NOW what’s NOT being pushed or taught in our universities is cold kinetics, (the death to fossil fuels, and nuclear energy,) what they don’t want us to know and go to great length to avoid is the idea of cold kinetics.Unlike converting heat based sources to mechanical energy, the source of cold kinetics is gravity, refer it to space time if you want, it’s the effect of gravity and time that is the energy source, and this source is perpetual for all our world energy needs and more, not only is this source more reliable than all of the currently used energy sources available at present put together, there is absolutely no pollution of any sort from this fuel.This is what we are dealing with when it comes to energy GREEEEEED!!!! Without a care for the health of the people or the planet. You have a choice using the profits you have now to invest in new reliable harmless technologies like pnuemakinetics To replace fossil and nuclear, Keep your hard earned wealth, bank it and shutdown the fossil and nuclear industries. Or you can deal with nature I am sure mother nature have no use or care for money and neither will we when nature inflicts so much damage it tears out the structure of your first world standard and reduces your monetary system to worthlessness. Yes clean drinking water sells at $5000 per litre.we recently saw a very tiny glimps of the power of nature although not climate change related, in Japan look what havok that caused how much wealth was lost in an hour??
  • Apr 9 2011: This is really what we are dealing with when it comes to energy production...
    Put yourself in this scenario, you buy a plot of land with the intension of building a house on it, whilst drilling your foundations, you find a sea of thick pungent flammable liquid underground, totally no good to you for the proposed purpose the land were bought for.
    Now your government wants to pay you $80 a barrel for that stuff, you work out your cost per barrel and find you are left with $50 clear profit per barrel and there seems to be an endless supply of $50 barrels.

    After 10 years of barrel filling, a total of 100 million barrels had been sold. netting $5 billion of clear profit, and checking the reservoir level it seems we have only just scratched the surface there is at least another 50 years of barrel filling remaining and as the demand for it keeps increasing, you obviously look for more efficient ways of increasing the supply for the demand with less cost.
    The government also makes a tidy profit from this stuff after refining and sold as fuel for transport it is taxed aggressively, and the surplus barrels are sold to other non oil producing countries for $90 a barrel.
    Wow this is ours and our countries government main wealth creation industry, and as wealth has its roots based on energy we will base our monetary system on oil.
    Now that we have made this the number one asset to our countries economy how do we protect it?
    Simple we already have the government onside in our pockets as they are too dependent on it, meaning the people will revolt against them if they attempt to cut back or hike the price on its use for transport heating, manufacturing ECT.
    so we can invest a mere $1billion dollars looking for potential threats to our industry from reliable alternative fuels that will wipe out our industry within the next 20 years, and the biggest threat of course is likely to come from inventors, innovators, universities, places of learning.
  • Mar 27 2011: I am so grateful you pointed out Nikola Tesla. He is a forgotten genius, and if the World had not forgotten individuals like him so often, we would not be in this mess. It seems, as we hear these speeches and ideas, that they are increasingly peer introduced and that sometimes some scientists, that are so far beyond the others never get recognised. Same with Tesla, and the major and less capable networker Edison.

    Tesla, was soooo ahead of the time, that it was scary - nothing changes today. Even the scientific community needs to start to develop critical minds and reward the challenges, not reward nodding and agreeing. Being innovative is one things, ignoring a genius is dangerous! Especially, when that genius doesn't like canapes and cocktail parties.
  • Apr 9 2011: [continued]
    For inventors we shall obstruct, and by using our wealth and influence make it virtually impossible for them to patent, manufacture, or sell such oil threatening devices.

    For innovators who have investment we can also use our vast wealth to influence their bankers and in more determined cases using the government to legislate tax burdens on whatever profit they the government will lose. Or use the media to uncover and exaggerate minor flaws in their character to discredit in order for them not to get recognised and taken seriously.

    For universities and places of learning, we will fund them to push the thermodynamics and relativity theory systems. In order to brainwash the students into believing that the only way to create useable mechanical energy is by creating a source of heat, students will not get any degrees unless they accept and conform to this idea when referring to energy, reason to push these systems as there is always a loss to entropy, as heat energy cannot be 100% recouped, fits perfect into their mathematical calculations and there is no doubting mathematics.. (As if every type of dynamic energy has heat as its source),
    you will be dismissed as a loon if perpetual motion is mentioned. Or if it is suggested that gravity is a force that can be used to generate energy full cycle. Why?… the maths don’t add up, the maths always subtract from what you started with due to friction and entropy. This is a fact that even I have to accept, using the thermodynamics and relativity systems with mathematics as it‘s law, there is no getting around this fact. That is why it is being taught in universities.

    Oh dear what can we do about global warming? We will use our wealth, and influence to try and disprove or put off action until the oil runs out, we fund enough scientist to help us disprove it is happening. The dammed greens we perhaps should fund something of theirs to keep them quiet ,
    [scenario ends]
    The problem is not a lack of innovation.
  • Apr 2 2011: Beautifully stated Natekar! Bravo! Everthing thumbs up.
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    Apr 1 2011: Ask yourself! How the simple electrons maintain perpetual motion for billions of years? It is not only electrons, even the atoms in the matter, matters in the planet, planets in the stellar system, stellar systems in the galaxy, galaxies in the cluster of galaxies, cluster of galaxies in the super clusters also maintain perpetual motion for billions of years. This everlasting phenomenon clearly illustrates that there is one unrecognized fundamental force in nature, which perpetually refuels everything from the minute elementary particle to vast cosmos and connects all the visible and invisible properties of nature as one integrated unit. Let us together investigate the hidden root of this unknown fundamental force that dominates the universe. In my hypothesis, ‘Perpetual Motion of the Universe and Quantum Entanglement’ I have named it, ‘Balancing Force’.
  • Mar 31 2011: Sorry Charley,The Corporate world,which is what we live,on,and in,rules.They can just wait us out.In 100 years we are all dead.Meanwhile by using their MEDIA,our kids grow up slanted towards their way of thinking.Then their kids etc.USA,they keep us fat,entertained and uneducated,generation after generation.GREED is what the corporate world is about,NOT US.It's disgusting ! Religions too,just look at all of the WEALTH the Vatican has.In the name of Jesus?????I think not.If Jesus showed up and walked into the gold filled Vatican,what would he do??Say,Hay thanks for the homage boys and girls,hmmmmm nice ring,let me try it on. OR,....Lets sell all of this stuff that we really don't need,AND feed the hungry,house them clothe them.Which????? SEE GREED ! We are kept uneducated,and fat.Only way to have power over the Corporate World is to use it on itself How? Don't buy any milk for 3 months,don't stock up,just don't,and watch.Take other foods for needed vitamins.Then nobody buy fresh vegetables for 3 months,and watch the panic.The trickle UP effect.Most people I hate when someone says that,"most people" because you can't know that.Right?But "allot" of people just don't care.In the USA we are pretty spoiled,thats why our Government works.What ever it steals and or takes from the rest of the world,ir shares with it's citizens.It keeps us "happy" and content.Of course it uses us,but gives us perks.It must because we rule the world,and in time will own it too,well Corporate America will.(watch ZeitGeist,the movie) just another slant.
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      Apr 1 2011: Dear herbert tackmann, you used the word GREED in your comment. So, i felt to pass a message. In one of my writings i wrote (but also note that i am not a writer, but whatever reveals i will try to put it in words) "Only when greed fulfills its need, the age of greed will be over". Now, all over the world greed has almost fulfilled its need and this is the clear signal from nature that something unique is going to occur.

      Long ago, the cold war between the materialistic greed and the integrity of character began in the end Satya-Yuga* (The era of Truth). In its journey to Kali-Yuga (the era of Untruth), the materialistic hunger for name, fame, money and position has reached massive proportion with a cancerous grip on the human psyche. The worship of God has become a farcical demonstration. Sage Vyasa and Sri Krishna realized this inner drift of the human character more than five thousand years ago. They foresaw the innermost commercial vibrations of the human psyche and declared, "It is impossible to repair the world until the Kali-Yuga ends"

      At present, the entire humanity is racing towards the deadly hazardous monetary collapse. Already, the countdown has begun. At any given moment bubbles of the economy will explode, and the humanity will witness an unpredictable and unprecedented shock wave of repulsion.

      The strong compressive wave of repulsion will give birth to a sudden change in the psychological velocity, density, pressure and temperature of the entire humanity and will spiritually move towards the absolute truth of the absolute science.

      Indeed, the great Renaissance of the 18th century was associated with the attractive character of capital and its birth time gravity. The forthcoming Renaissance of the 21st century will be associated with the repulsive character of capital and its death time gravity. In other words, the law of repulsion is connected with the law of detachment.