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Is modern communication going to produce a generation that doesn't understand body language or verbal expression?

I am a highschool teacher and a parent of three teenage boys. In the last 5 years the percentage of communicating they do with written language has increased enormously. Is this obsession with txt and facebook destroying their ability to express themselves without emoticons?frownyface


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Many commenters share my concern and many see it as just a development of modern society.My main concern still lies with the age at which a child gets a phone. In my experience most have a phone by 12 years old. I worry that they move through adolescence into adulthood with insufficient verbal communication and written communication in single sentences. Maybe as parents we should encourage them to visit each other rather than Txt or facebook. Even if that means we have to drive then somewhere.

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    Aug 3 2012: IN MY VIEW:
    Modern communication focuses more on logic than emotional chitchat. We use body language and verbal expression to express our emotion. How much priority will be given to logic over emotion should play a key role for new generation.
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      Aug 3 2012: Though there still is emotion communicated through texts too.

      For example:
      D:< !!!!!!

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        Aug 4 2012: you expressed yourself well bravo. was that your true emotion or logic to get me wrong ;).

        I understand there are literary works, songs and several other things which express our emotion very well however body language and facial expression are the natural reaction of our expression which confirm our true feelings, sometime even without saying or doing anything. If modern generation avoids physical interaction and depends completely upon indirect interaction through technology then its quite possible that such generation may not understand body language or facial expression. I also think that a logical person will produce less emotional reaction. Since our education teaches us logic and even society expects logical reaction our new generation will know less about emotion anyway.
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          Aug 4 2012: lol I meant no offense whatsoever ;)

          You're right, body language and facial expression are SUPER important. We can use emoticons all we like, but body language can sometimes give you more important information than texts.

          This is why public education system is extremely important. Online education is great, but school teaches social interactions and social environments much better on a fundamental level. And that's why I think public education system needs to realize this soon, or else online education may take over too much.

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