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Create a web based mechanism to discuss if we are asking the right questions about certain subjects. "ARE WE ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS?"

There are many subjects where discussions get sidetracked and useful resolutions don't get discussed and implemented because the wrong questions are asked.

I would love to see some sort of web based mechanism created and used where people could raise a red flag when they saw subjects debated where the discussion had been diverted and the important facets of the subject were being ignored or missed.

A way to raise these red flags so they can serve as effective warnings that will be heeded by the press and humanity alike would help serve mankind.

For example, in electing candidates, how much time is wasted talking about things that have virtually nothing to do with the abilities of candidates to successfully carry out the duties of their offices? Instead of asking about and discussing things that are irrelevant, we would be better served by defining those skills that are important for a successful office holder to have. The press is particularly guilty of not asking the right questions but rather of wallowing in sensationalism and endless poll results reporting. "ARE WE ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS?"

Another related misdirected type question could be do we mistake desiring to get the MOST people to vote in an election with trying to get the people who are BEST QUALIFIED to vote in an election. We often mistake quantity for quality. "ARE WE ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS?"

I believe there are many subjects that are discussed in public and by the press that are not properly debated because people tend to follow the initial line of discussion and often don't look at issues with a fresh eye to make sure the right questions are asked.

How can you suggest such a mechanism could be created?

Perhaps a website called: "ARE WE ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS?"


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    Aug 2 2012: So, Mr. Gump, do I understand your question correctly? You are asking if we are asking the right question? Based on your abstract I think you have asked the wrong question. You should have asked: "Are we ANSWERING the right question?" Thank you!
    • Aug 2 2012: Mr. Long, I suppose my question could be framed as ANSWERING the right question just as much as it could be ASKING the right question. I guess you have to ask the right questions before you can expect to get the right answers. What I am proposing is to find ways of helping to ensure people don't get stuck and become satisfied that ALL the pertinent questions or viewpoints have been explored before they actually have been.

      I think it is important to note I originally stated I thought it was important to ask the right questions (note the plural) not the right question (note the singular). I'll admit I did pose that statement both ways but, to clarify, I am really saying how can we help to ensure the right questionS are asked so we get the best chance of getting the best and most useful answerS. (I edited my original post to make all occurrences of my statement plural. :) )

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