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Should basic economics now be a required subject in high school and/or college?

For at least a couple of generations, high school students in the United States have been required to take a course in Government. Universities often require a course in American History and Institutions as well.
Part of the justification for this requirement is that one role of education is to prepare all young people to engage in civic life in an educated and active way.
Economics, however, has not been a requirement thus far at any level.
Has the time come for economic literacy to become a priority and requirement either in high school or at university or both?
I come to this question because there are so many issues that concerned citizens can understand and assist constructively in solving if they have an understanding of basic economics and would have much less leverage to contribute productively if they don't.


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    Aug 5 2012: Ok i live in germany and i go to a school which has set its focus on economics (you basically go to highschool, however you got classes in economics which are treated like the "major classes" (maths ect.)

    What i must say about this is the following: It may be good to have a slight idea how economy works, but dont do the same mistakes we did here, for example we "learn" that workers are to be threated as costs from a entrepreneurs point of view however with no word is there mentioned that it doesnt have to be this way and that this is just the "immoral" (my perspective) way todays economy works. And theres plenty of stuff like this!

    Please america go ahead and do it but do it wisely capitalism or "social" market economy (as we have it in germany) are not the end of the line, make it clear to students that the system is created by man and can be changed at will tell them not just about how economy works within the united states but also tell them how it works in diffrent parts of the world or how it COULD work in the future!

    As it is here in germany, we are basically told "its like that!" no thought is spent on what could be.

    Dont make the same mistake america (even though i doubt youll listen to me), dont turn classes in economy into a subject which is closer related to religion (in teaching style) then it is related to science (where theories change once a better version has been found).
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      Aug 5 2012: Thanks for your contribution, Max. In the US we don't have religion as a subject in school. But your point that a comparative perspective is useful is well taken. There are different types of economies worth understanding and different schools of thought.

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