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Should basic economics now be a required subject in high school and/or college?

For at least a couple of generations, high school students in the United States have been required to take a course in Government. Universities often require a course in American History and Institutions as well.
Part of the justification for this requirement is that one role of education is to prepare all young people to engage in civic life in an educated and active way.
Economics, however, has not been a requirement thus far at any level.
Has the time come for economic literacy to become a priority and requirement either in high school or at university or both?
I come to this question because there are so many issues that concerned citizens can understand and assist constructively in solving if they have an understanding of basic economics and would have much less leverage to contribute productively if they don't.


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    Aug 5 2012: Every citizen needs to be educated as how their country is being run & how can they contribute. Education is an important step towards creating responsible citizens. Do note: it is important how it's being taught. No point in teaching if the students are simply cramming things.
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      Aug 5 2012: In any subject, how it is taught is important. This goes without saying.

      Economics is not a subject in which names, dates, and places need to be memorized. It is a framework for organizing thought rather than a collection of facts. In that sense it is more like learning to write.

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