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Which is more contagious? The smile or the frown?

What really gets around, who is more powerful the optimist or the pessimist? I wanted to know what TED community thinks about positivity and negativity and is there truly any power in them or does it only depend on the person who carries the smile or the frown. If u walk around with a determined smile on your face will u get as many smiles back as the frowns u would get with a determined frown on your face? I just wanted some discussion, that my even be connected to the lord of the flies concept of innate Evil, or are we purely good?


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  • Aug 1 2012: It's not about how optimistic/pessimistic someone is, it's about being active.

    Carrying around a determined smile or frown doesn't matter at all if one is passive, and has no real intent of utilizing that contained energy for a good cause.
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      Aug 1 2012: AAH, but being active is not so simple and easy, sometimes people need a shove in the right direction, a little glimmer of that positive energy to get them going. I would argue that whether u have a smile on ur face or a frown actually affects the productivity of urself and ur fellow co-workers a LOT. U will get hit by the bad and the good in life, which one u choose to carry on ur face affects whether u will be able to carry anything at all when things truly look bleak
      • Aug 2 2012: Agreed, a nudge into the right direction would be a good thing. Could you propose a way how could people be influenced in that way?

        Keep in mind, though, that constructive pessimism or optimism should not be confused with lamenting or affectation.

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