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Where can I go to sign up for a course? Where is the starting line?

I didn't see the specifics so I could try this myself.


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    Aug 1 2012: I wrote about online education in my blog recently and mentioned Salman Khan's Khan Acadamy. Its basically the same premise. (And he even did a TedTalk about it in 2011) I am all for free education . But it may also mean that many business corporations everywhere, will have to change their requirements for hire or they eliminate the thousands of potentially prime candidates for hire because they require that MBA or BA is something. They would have to determine if the "certificate" you get for completing one of these online courses will or will not be recognized. Speaking as someone who spent 5 years in college from High school, and couldn't find any work in my desired graphic design field, I am a little jaded. Id hate to put in the time for these courses and not be hired because my degree wasn't from a "credible" University.
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      Aug 2 2012: How is Khan Academy "basically the same premise"?
      Coursera is actual college classes taught by professors that teach at the universities. Certificate of completion for the course are not the same as a degree.
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        Aug 2 2012: Its online and its not-for-profit. I'll grant that KhanAcadamy doesn't seem to have much in the way of certified professors rather relying on a few subject specialists among a ton of software engineers.

        And my concern was not about the difference between a degree and this certificate from Coursera, so much as to if businesses will recognize it for possible candidates for hire.
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          Aug 2 2012: What is changing about education is that even after one receives a degree, we will be required to become life long learner. This is why courses are being offered online. We currently consume more information in a day than people did in entire lifetimes.

          In America this is not the issue it is in other places in the world. As Koller indicates tens of thousands of people that access Coursera are from areas of the world where there are fewer opportunities for attending such classes. Yet the need for this information is great.
          What will matter is what you can do with your knowledge and not what a piece of paper says you did in the past. (see Charles Leadbeater and Sugata Mitra's TED Talks)

          Can you imagine a future where your schooling records will be persistent and online, in the cloud. This is where employers will look for qualified applicant for job placement.

          This is part of the "education revolution" Sir Kenneth Robinson's TED talk calls for.
    • Aug 2 2012: Right? These are for people, so far, that aren't necessarily trying to land a job in the field but feel it may help.
      Every job I've had I've gotten from starting at the bottom of the totem pole and working my way up, each job change is a step upwards, I have some college under my belt and a few trade certifications (those are the most fun concerning learning and getting something out of it). I've found that the trade certs got me hired much faster in higher paying positions than ones that require higher formal education.

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