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Where can I go to sign up for a course? Where is the starting line?

I didn't see the specifics so I could try this myself.


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    Aug 1 2012: Please don't expect others to do your homework for you.

    • Aug 1 2012: Furthermore, this is not homework, it was a simple question. Sometimes others know how to better find something more efficiently than yourself.
      Way to go for positive feedback that you heavily preach on your profile that others are doing for you. How about you practice what you preach and instead of treating others like shit, treat them in the nice way that they've treated you? We all have our strengths and weakness, it's apparent kindness isn't one of yours.
      Next time you have any type of question that I can easily answer for you, expect the same rude answer you've given me.
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        Aug 1 2012: "Ambition should be made of sterner stuff than this." to paraphrase Shakespeare

        In general this was written in a joking manner, but your feeling of being slighted are curious.
        "Thou doth protest to much" as Shakespeare says in "The Taming of the Shrew" and I wonder if my barb struck a little to close to home.
        This is a fairly simply task since she shows examples in the video of the online classes: "Coursera."
        Having taking a few classes at Coursera I can warn you that they are self directed and there is a heavy burden to be self motivated. If you cannot find Cousera outline I think do have a valid concern about your success in these classes.

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