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What if, in a fine morning, you learn, "There's nothing called God"!

Gods exist from 'god knows how many millenniums'. And they come to mankind as virtual beings time to time: promising heaven and hell and with sets of instructions to be followed - differing according to the religions they propose. We all, except for a few, are so dependent on them for our everyday life - trying to find a purpose of our existence, some meaning of what we call life. History is full of wars to establish 'the true god'. And, as of today, there's no sign that this will come to an end any time soon. So, we are born with a specific religion as our birth right and we fight till death trying to do --- what....

What if, in a fine morning, you come to learn that there is actually no entity such as 'god'. That, the concept is no more necessary to live a nice life on this earth...

What might be the first thing in your mind...


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  • Aug 18 2012: The man in the mirror message references the - self before blaming others. If we all did that we'd all be more accountable for our chaotic world.

    Your question on can we move the moon - Archimedes said, give me a place to stand and I'll move the Earth. So he was referring leverage. Do you have a place where I could stand to move that moon?
    • Aug 19 2012: i agree, self before blaming others -- but, often, finding 'self' poses to be very difficult depending on the environment and other elements.

      ok, i'll try to pose another point here, recently nanotechnology has become a very important field of research. but to what measure of 'nano' humans r able to investigate! doesn't matter, cause, we r using it anyway, and still pursuing to find the limit. so, if i can give you a place to move the moon along with the leverage u need,would u really want/need to move it!

      chasing perfection is somewhat like an chasing an asymptotic curve. the universe we live in, may allow perfections sometimes, depending on coincidences/uncertainties play their role in right time. humans alone probably lack that ability. else, you would've found abundance of 'perfect' examples all around.

      all that matters is how you want to spend your time, chasing money, power, perfection, limit.. the list goes on...
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        Aug 19 2012: Faisal,
        I suggest that finding "self" does not depend on the environment or other elements. We simply need to look at our "self", as Shane suggests...look in the mirror...be willing to look at our "self" from a different perspective. And be willing to "stand" in a way to give ourselves leverage (strength, determination, resolve?) to "move" whatever we are trying to "move" in ourselves?

        We can sincerely, honestly evaluate ourselves and make changes in ourselves regardless of the external environment. There is no limit to how much or how little we can explore ourselves and change...in my humble perception:>)

        To stay with your topic..."What if, in a fine morning, you learn, "There's nothing called God"!

        Some people may not be concerned or impacted at all, some folks may evaluate and adjust, and some people may feel totally lost if s/he has been dependant on a god for happiness, contentment, comfort, or life purpose.
        • Aug 19 2012: ma'am, i won't argue with your opinion about finding self. but my real life experience suggests, that, sometimes one may find him/her in situations making it impossible to have a grasp about the total picture even, let alone look for 'self'. so, as discussed earlier, having a mirror in mind will produce automatic feedback about your performance while working on the fly and not waste time to look at 'self'. i'm not claiming that i have that kind of a mirror in my mind already, but, that's the concept i gathered from the real life experiences i mentioned above. and 'possible' application of the concept may support your next comment too>> We can sincerely, honestly evaluate ourselves and make changes in ourselves regardless of the external environment.
          I'll be humble also, to disagree about 'limit' -- little may be possible, but as a human being, we do have limitations to 'how much' we are able to explore ourselves and change accordingly (requires more explanation, i feel, but, space is short). to be brief, it may take a life time for some one only to find the highest limit, and even die before finding it: making changes will remain unfinished in that case. So, a simultaneous process of exploring and making changes accordingly may produce the best result. which, again turns my attention to having a mirror in mind, i'm not sure though you'll agree -- doesn't matter much, does it?

          your last para, may not be comprehensive (nothing personal, ma'am), but, enough to present a rough picture of that possible/impossible morning.

          thanks anyway.

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