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What if, in a fine morning, you learn, "There's nothing called God"!

Gods exist from 'god knows how many millenniums'. And they come to mankind as virtual beings time to time: promising heaven and hell and with sets of instructions to be followed - differing according to the religions they propose. We all, except for a few, are so dependent on them for our everyday life - trying to find a purpose of our existence, some meaning of what we call life. History is full of wars to establish 'the true god'. And, as of today, there's no sign that this will come to an end any time soon. So, we are born with a specific religion as our birth right and we fight till death trying to do --- what....

What if, in a fine morning, you come to learn that there is actually no entity such as 'god'. That, the concept is no more necessary to live a nice life on this earth...

What might be the first thing in your mind...


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  • Aug 18 2012: Not to worry I don't feel any of it rude, I welcome all expressions and vents.

    To clear the consultation part - I meant it stink because we DON'T consult, we don't agree if we tried. This particularly pointed at religions who are up in arms with each other. Examples - Burma crisis, Israel and Palestine and more.

    To clear APATHY - it is the submission of ones Will that causes societies the loss they experiencing. When 'smarter' ones note the - laid back attitude - they endevour to lead people for their own gain and corruption becomes prevalent . They know that very few, if any, would stand up for justice and march for freedom, therefore they take society for granted. This is what apathy is - it is an unresponsive people that I'm referring to. If people were responsive we wouldn't have such great degeneracy. I'm not saying poverty is the poor man's fault but I'm saying they have the POWER TO CHANGE their situation - if they begin to respond.

    The question is - where does apathy reside, and where/what brought it into existence?
    We are so comfortable allowing podium teachers to decide our fate, and when we hear a few in the crowd complaining, we shy away from standing for the same ideals, especially if they are intended to help us. We are too QUIET when we should be LOUD and to damn loud when we should quiet - listen.

    Bottomline is - the seekers for unity in diversity have a very difficult task on their hands, because of - PRIDE amongst those they hope to unite.

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