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What if, in a fine morning, you learn, "There's nothing called God"!

Gods exist from 'god knows how many millenniums'. And they come to mankind as virtual beings time to time: promising heaven and hell and with sets of instructions to be followed - differing according to the religions they propose. We all, except for a few, are so dependent on them for our everyday life - trying to find a purpose of our existence, some meaning of what we call life. History is full of wars to establish 'the true god'. And, as of today, there's no sign that this will come to an end any time soon. So, we are born with a specific religion as our birth right and we fight till death trying to do --- what....

What if, in a fine morning, you come to learn that there is actually no entity such as 'god'. That, the concept is no more necessary to live a nice life on this earth...

What might be the first thing in your mind...


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  • Aug 10 2012: If we suddenly discovered there was no God, I don't think anything would change. One thing many people forget is that Jozeph Stalin was an atheist. He was much worse than Hitler with double the kill count. (The US called it the Cold War, but change your perspective to Poland, Georgia, the Stans, etc. and the war suddenly became excruiating.)

    Sadly, with our without God people are still people. With all our faults, ambitions and economical motivators, nothing will change. God has been maniuplated by charismatic people to move others to action. Whether to tithe or go to war, (it might begin to sound like "demcracy" in the US) it was not God who casued these things, it was man's manipulation of "what God wants for us" that causes us trouble. We are responsible for our societies suffering because it is us as a collective that turns a blind eye toward other's pain, not God.

    Is God necessary to live a nice life on earth? That depends on what and who you think God is. I am Catholic and I believe God to be everything: He is all knowing, all powerful, and all good, I am even willing to throw out all knowing and all powerful, but all good is quintessential. Forget the qualification of "nice": LIFE, period would not be possible without God. Whether it is nice, good, bad, miserable is dependant on you and the society in which you live, how you respond to that society, and what you do to help that society become what you believe it should be.

    Saying God is the root of pain is like a religious sinner saying "The devil made me do it". It is not a valid defence as you still have the will to act.
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      Aug 12 2012: Interesting comment.

      All the atheists I know support freedom of religion. The non belief in gods does not automatically lead to suppressing religion, persecution, or mass murder.

      I wonder if the same can be said for nearly 2000 years of antisemitism in the catholic church. I suggest most religious suppression has been by one religion or denomination on another.

      I see nothing that points to the existence of any gods or goddesses, let alone one belief system being correct.

      Too me religions and all the gods are human constructs. If I woke up one morning and all the religions had finally shrivelled up and died I guess there would be one less thing to divide us. But agree humans are humans and would still help and harm others.

      If I step inside the bubble for a second, is your view that god is all good, just an assumption, a premise, or something supported by evidence or even the bible?

      If you believe god is good by definition and that everything god does or said must be good even if it seems bad, well we have no basis for discussion on the point as this is a circular nonsense.

      If you consider the god described in the bible I don't see how you can claim this imagined being is all good. This god threw a hissy fit when Adam ate from the tree and this original sin flows to all of us. This god is claimed to have committed global genicide in the flood, picked one tribe over all others and helped them destroy other tribes, requires animal or blood sacrifice, endorses slavery, sexism, and murder for homosexuality, adultery, and working on the sabbath, killed thousands with plagues, ordered millions killed, and will send you to eternal torture if you do not obey.christianity tries to dress this up with love, but it is not good. This god is worse than there worst human.

      How do you rationalise that that catholic god is good?
      • Aug 18 2012: Obey,

        Atheism, is already headed down the path of becoming its own religion. Please watch the Ted video Atheism 2.0.


        It's adopting religious practices and it's only a matter of time it before it begins it's own form of "conversion" because atheist believe the world will be better place if we all have the se ideology. And who object will be persecuted.. It a circle. All this has happened before and it will happen again (and in less time, I theorize).

        My point is not so much about religion as much as it is about the development of ideologies. Atheism will eventually be guilty of the same atrocities of all major world religions. Why? Because nothing has changed in the development of the ideology. There will come a point that disention will be punishable by death.

        I cannot explain to you why I believe God is good because your understanding of the Bible is already wrong. No educated Theologian believes humanity began from two people. I have many objections to
        the statements you made in your last paragraph because some of your understanding is misguided and you obviously have not studied scripture. You cannot claim to have mastery over the subject inasmuch as I, an accountant, can opine on molecular biology.

        Finally, it is not religion that divides us, it's politicians that feed off division to make a mint that exacerbate it. You'll find more religions in themselves are tolerant, it is leaders who thrive off conflict (like a good theatrical performance) that cause us to be enemies.
    • Aug 17 2012: kevin, i hope you've got your answers from obey.

      i'd like to add here that, science, till the present day, have enough physical evidences that human beings evolved with time, as an example, i can refer to neanderthals (u'll find other such examples in anthropology), which is enough to prove that there were no adam or eve from heaven to earth. else, all human fossils found till today, would have something common that certainly would have established by now that human race started from adam and eve.

      in general u r a christian first, then a catholic, and u also have many other sects among christians, such as protestants and others. well, u sure have prove that jesus/god himself produced so many versions of bible (pls excuse my limited knowledge on Christianity). those versions of bible are nothing but creations/additions of certain individuals at suitable position to provide improvisations as they saw fit.
      in ref to your last comment, an atheist will always find himself/herself responsible for own actions. so, devil/god actually live in human mind, and that's all. human mind makes a person do what he/she is doing. god/devil has no place in there. will to act, is also a result of the same evolution process that human went through physically.

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