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What if, in a fine morning, you learn, "There's nothing called God"!

Gods exist from 'god knows how many millenniums'. And they come to mankind as virtual beings time to time: promising heaven and hell and with sets of instructions to be followed - differing according to the religions they propose. We all, except for a few, are so dependent on them for our everyday life - trying to find a purpose of our existence, some meaning of what we call life. History is full of wars to establish 'the true god'. And, as of today, there's no sign that this will come to an end any time soon. So, we are born with a specific religion as our birth right and we fight till death trying to do --- what....

What if, in a fine morning, you come to learn that there is actually no entity such as 'god'. That, the concept is no more necessary to live a nice life on this earth...

What might be the first thing in your mind...


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  • Aug 9 2012: Mr. Habib

    On the onset, thank you for the advice, I'd think about it.
    There's this interesting point in your response which makes me wonder - " by the term 'god' i mean an almighty who created this whole mess we r in." Now if your words are to be believed; this mess (as you chose to describe it) was created by someone, then the natural curiosity arises - Who created the creator ??

    I presume, you'd ask me post a debate for this too!

    Misled Are we, or simply Ignorant !
    • Aug 9 2012: i dont think i tried to advise u about anything in reply of ur posting' but, if u can find something in it -- up to you.

      a simple concept of non-existence can resolve a lot of things, i'm not sure i could explain it in any better manner.

      deciding to post anything is nothing uncommon, a debate is also about posing a concept to discuss about. u r free to post anything u like, cause i may not join / otherwise depending on many things. so, its up to u again.

      we r both. leaders may take up the chance to mislead., and some people never learns... just doesn't lean; may be it works that way for the person.

      about 'ignorance': someone commented (sorry no evidence in hand) that 'ignorance is bliss!'
      • Aug 9 2012: Wishfully Ignoring the crux of the conversation, it is indeed a BLISS!
        The question remains; Who created the mess and who created the creator of the mess?
        • Aug 9 2012: wishfully - no.

          you r going back to find someone, named, 'creator'. .....
      • Aug 9 2012: now that things are making sense, lets go back to my first comment - : The answer is case sensitive to the core; entirely depends on what one actually means by "GOD"
        If "Godliness" means to be Humane! I guess, it shouldn't affect us one bit, whether he's out there or not!
        After all we are Human, aren't we!

        I never want to search the creator, My question was, when u say that an almighty created all this mess, then who created him, which means its meaning less to look out for the never ending chain.
        I don't want him to be what I am. It shouldn't affect us one bit, whether he is out there or not.
        • Aug 17 2012: the term 'god' generally refers to an almighty who created where we find ourselves, all religions have their own god but, the concept is the same anyway, an almighty out there somewhere. and i am an atheist. so, by using the term 'god' i actually tried to represent the general belief of almost all of the humans. i hope i'm clear to u now about why i made that remark.
          godliness can just be an expression of the state of mind a human can have, and i believe it to be so. it may affect us depending on the person one encountering is in that mood or not.
          my own search was over along time ago, cause my parents/teachers/others helped me grow up with that belief in my mind 'implanted'. so, i had to reason it out of my mind by myself as unnecessary.
          i too need/want no god to be what i am. but it does matter to most of the people on earth, so, referring to the topic of the debate, it may affect us in that possible/impossible morning; and i think it will affect all of us very much just because of the fact that very few people r atheists.
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      Aug 13 2012: Vijay :

      "Now if your words are to be believed; this mess (as you chose to describe it) was created by someone, then the natural curiosity arises - Who created the creator ?? "

      It is nothing natural in having that curiosity : if God created the world do not means He has to be created by somebody else too . Maybe He lives eternally , maybe He came from nothing , maybe none of these , maybe , maybe....... .
    • Aug 18 2012: Imagination created the creator. Imagination is a powerful thing as we can see.

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