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Could a "guardian angel" be the next technological revolution?

Some day ago, i was at home of a friend of mine. He has an iMac and iPad, that he holds near the keyboard; so i said : "Why don't you use the iPad as a keyboard?" and i had this idea.
We're accustomed to working to the same task using different technologies.
Image now a single technology , an individual kind, a sort of guardian angel, that allow you to move from one device to another. I imagined something based on the cloud system ( dropbox, google drive, iCloud are examples) not to store memory, but to work with an operating system.

This is something that i think could be realize with Mistry's device (i tagged the talk)

How do you think we could realize this? Is it a feasible idea? What changes would you make?

[PS:If I remeber correctly, there are some rumors from Apple about this kind of things]


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    Aug 1 2012: From what I can get, the "Guardian Angel" was pretty much the laptop itself. The laptop is supposed to be your companion or partner in crime for helping you out with various things. So what you're thinking of is having a Guardian Angel for the other Guardian Angels lol

    Kinda reminds me of I, Robot. And I think Apple might be moving to that direction, with Siri.

    I think it could be pretty effective and quite feasible. Japan is already really hardcore about robotics. We also already have Siri-like voice recognition, voice responses, decent image recognition technology, etc. It would be hella expensive atm, but it's very feasible to pull off I, Robot.

    And also keep in mind that Apple is very keen on how much information they leak at what time. Their marketing strategy is reveal a little bit of info to pique curiosity. It's a very sly tactic I tell you.
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      Aug 1 2012: Yeah, the basic idea practically is separate the "brain" of a computer from "bodies" of various devices. The example of I, Robot is very good. Another example is to imagine being able to see the same object through different windows.

      This idea could be applied to connect smartphones, tablet, computer but also new car, television or anything you need.
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        Aug 1 2012: Like you said, they already connect multiple devices with cloud storage services.

        Having companion robots or machines to help us out is definitely convenient, almost too lazy if you ask me lol.

        It would be really cool to be able to write out a paper by just speaking your thoughts. This would also practice speech, and would be very conveniently hands-free to record notes and stuff. Problem is, this only works in an environment that isn't afraid of noise. So in a library or in a lecture, it wouldn't be that great. But it would be cool to take lecture notes just be hearing the professor speak, or rewatching lecture videos.

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