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The influence of religious organisations on community cohesion in diverse and deprived communities.

I'm currently conducting a research study (at the University of Manchester) about the role that religion plays in diverse and deprived communities. Specifically, I'm examining the ways in which it influences social cohesion. Thus, the overarching issue is whether religion has a positive or negative impact on the community? Can religious organisations bring people of difference not just together but also to appreciate, understand and value diversity?


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    Aug 1 2012: So far my experience and knowledge says the first commandment of almost all religion is......except itself all other religions are invalid / false....so how come religion is valuing diversity (well it may include different races / colors but defintely not another religion) ?
    • Aug 2 2012: So far, my findings agree with what you are saying. Most of the religious organizations and their faith communities have a strong positive valuation of people of different ethnic, racial and/or socio-economic backgrounds, however, the religious differences can be at times a bit of a dividing line. Although you would be surprised however at the extent some religious organizations have gone to to promote social cohesion (one church and one mosque have a partnership agreement and have a number of shared projects and events).
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        Aug 2 2012: Understand what you pointed out about One Church , One Mosque concept to bring social cohesion...

        Sure I am you are also aware there are Catholic Church, Protestant Church.......Sunni Mosque, Shia Mosque, Ahmadeia Mosque .....etc. Each sect is no less intolerant to other sect as it is to completely other religion.....

        These facts rather say religion failed to accept diversity of thoughts even with in ithe same faith system !!!
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      Aug 9 2012: I think that if their is any hope for religious institutions to survive this century... They are going to have to rise above this one simple issue, that they almost all have. Most churches, effectively institutionalize racism and xenophobia, and it's a big hurdle.

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