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What is the one material posession that you would buy for yourself if you could afford it?

People say "money can't buy happiness". That is quite a concept. What would you purchase for yourself if you could afford it? The rules are that it is one thing only. It has to be a real, tangible thing. It has to be for yourself. It can't be admission to a TED conference.
I'm interested to know what people would buy and why they would buy it. I'll chime in and comment from time to time.

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    Aug 1 2012: Bugatti Veyron
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    Aug 1 2012: Loads of land.
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    Aug 1 2012: A Victorian mansion in a temperate climate overlooking the sea with a level garden giving way to a cliff with a path down to a sandy beach. The garden would have mature trees and shrubs that complemented rather than obstructed the view. the kitchen garden would be just right for growing all my own veg and herbs. There would be secret places to sit and contemplate the horizon or just while away the afternoon in a hammock.
    Now where did I put that lottery ticket?
  • Aug 1 2012: This is probably not what you are looking for, but my first thought was a magic wand.
  • Aug 1 2012: some hereford cattle Just a few more to replace the ones that grew old and that I had to sell in this drought.
  • Aug 8 2012: Just for myself, no thing. I have enough things, even too many. I have a home, automobile, comfortable furnishings, and an adequate computer. When my automatic dishwasher breaks down I do whatever it takes to replace it immediately. When my family asks what I want for a gift, I always tell them hugs and kisses, and I mean it. Many things are more bother than they are worth. It is amazing to me that, in the USA, I can live this well on less than a median income. I have never understood how some people always want more.

    When I was young my Dad told me that if you can pay all your bills and have a dollar left over, you are a rich man. On the day before last payday I had almost eight dollars left over. I am a rich man.
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    Aug 2 2012: A grand piano.
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    Aug 2 2012: A Seaplane.
  • Aug 2 2012: I think many of the answers reflect a desire for all of us to have something that makes life easier. All of us need some "ahhhhh" time in our life. I would like a nice getaway as well. A place to go that is quiet and good for family time.

    Maybe one of those massage chairs from the Brookstone stores in the mall. I may never get out of it if I owned it.
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    Aug 1 2012: I'd build a cosy +energy house at a nice pond, some land for gardening and all surrounded by beautiful nature and a view and also beautiful neighbours.

    As those neighbours are usually not for sale, they either dwell there already or settle down with or after me... :o)

    By this house I would be autarkical from any energy and water supplying company which in my view will dictate even higher and highest prices for their services in the near future. And when they do, I could focus on more important things instead... :o)
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    Aug 1 2012: the biggest lovelist bathtub for cogitating in (installed)
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    Aug 1 2012: Laptop

    It's about the most useful thing I have atm.