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What advice would you give a younger you?

Consider, for a second, your life. Consider all of the life lessons you've learned and the experiences you've undergone during your brief existence here. Consider the trials and tribulations you've faced and the lessons you've learned "the hard way." If you could write a letter to you, at any point in your life, and give yourself as much advice as you saw fit, what would you say? Would you remind yourself that life goes on? Would you promise that things always get better no matter how terrible they might seem? Would you take the philosophy of Frank Sinatra and explain to your younger self that "That's Life"? Would you plead with yourself to turn to God sooner? Would you warn yourself to stay away from soda, salt, and red meat?

Of course, this arouses the argument of "I like my life the way it is now, and everything that happened happened for a reason thus I would not change anything." If that is your stance, then I pose another question: What advice would you give to a younger being? Age, culture, ethnic background, and special circumstances are arbitrary, irrelevant, and up to you.

This is your chance, here and now, to give any and all of the advice you've found so essential to happiness and well being, to a youth that might sincerely need it.
I created this duplicate question for those who wanted to post on the earlier question but stumbled upon it too late to do so.

If you have not read through the answers on the other post, a task that, while a sizable feat, is definitely an inspiring read, here is the link to do that.



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  • Aug 24 2012: Actual thought into your morals and beliefs. We're all capable of being better than who we are, it takes a strong person to do the right things. I know people argue that right and wrong are a subjective ideal and feeling, which is true, so everybody's definition changes change with each and every individual, whether they're a follower or a leader, it's funny to me how deep I went inside my mind and somewhat shared how my thoughts work and that I tried really hard to get my point across, I failed, because everybody here thinks that I'm vain, which to an extent I am, and your probably thinking that I have issues that I need to real with, all of that is true, but I believe I know how to deal with it in a healthier way than most, hopefully you'll get a chance to read my book, it could be a year or it could be 20, but It's my goal and I will accomplish it.

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