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USA Citizens - VOTE!

The USA is no less susceptible to cyber attack as any other nation. This has led to severe hesitancy on the part of REAL ACTUAL voters to place their trust in ANY e-gathered vote. This needs to change! All votes must count, yet they all must be legitimate. How can this be enforced without recurring a 2004 fiasco? I plead for everyone of intelligence to psrticipate, regardless of affiliation. And please, DO NOT assume Obama will win by default; in politics there are no defaults!

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    Aug 1 2012: Wht don't you all just duck down to your local voting place and put it on paper like we do? No E-voting no voting machines, just a pen and a bunch of boxes to tick. We get 95% voter turnout with this system. The fact that you cop a fine if you don't show up probably helps, as does the sausage sizzle put on by the local member.
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    Aug 30 2012: "I say your 3 cent titanium tax goes too far"

    "And, I say YOUR 3 cent titanium tax doesn't go too far enough" Futurama
  • Aug 9 2012: They should change the spelling of VOTE, to HOPE.
    Don't forget to HOPE this November.

    Neither work. But, just to chase the illusion, go ahead, do it, but this time fool them. Trip them up.
    Throw them a curve they can't hit ...............Write in Ron Paul.

    You know, people have been wanting a third choice for a long time, and whenever one looks like it's coming along, they look the other way. They never take advantage of it, nor attempt to gain the advantage (acting with power), and they always go back to doing exactly what they are told to do: Vote for one of two a_ _ holes who lie, will do nothing, will not keep one promise nor solve one problem and both candidates will be almost identical.

    To catch them by surprise in this manner is the only way your vote will work. It would be very interesting if the majority actually did this and then we wait to see who we are told was elected. You still trust a system that doesn't work?

    That's really strange. You still believe voting works? That's really strange. If it works why do you have so many problems that keep growing and growing, with no end or resolution in sight?
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    Aug 1 2012: E-voting would be ideal... if its flaws weren't so abusable.
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    Aug 1 2012: If we do nothing O loses? ok I vote for doing nothting. (8^(l)