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Des any one think that the U.S. and China will ever go to war?

I just seems like a possibility that something like this could happen. We are in an economic war and the only way I can't think of to defeat China is to cut off trade to it for about a year. But I wonder if a physical war is a possibility.

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  • Aug 1 2012: PAUL, the point you are making is...................
    One of my favorite things about the USA is FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. It has worked quite well for us so far. I think the Chinese people would appreciate the respect and those in power in China are smart and wise enough to appreciate the value of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION as it is a component of national and individual prosperity. China is ready for changes for the better. Business is happening in China now. China is ready, willing and able to change in ways that improves the lives of the Chinese people. In the USA, the top 2% are forgetting about the role of effective consumer demand as they greedily impoverish potential consumers. The USA and China can both change for the better. I wonder how you would suggest China and the USA change to improve the lives of those at the top and those in the middle and those at the bottom.
    • Aug 2 2012: Hi Rhona,
      Eloquent words before. As a matter of fact I was working on a gem of an idea not so long ago. Here it goes. I, like you, agree that China is prepared for well tailored democratic change made to fit its particular diverse needs. I believe technology is fundamental in this pursuit as per one of the currently posted ideas alludes to. In my perspective data sets of chinese populous cross sections opinions, views, provincial and local concerns, leader preference, and views on government direction could be effectively used to facillitate a transition towards democracy while meeting both government and a growing affluent entrepreneurial population need. While still maintaining "necessary" controls the Chinese government expectations could mandate a committee composed of government officials and respected citizens to views trends, work more within public concern, Recommend accountability, and collaborate towards a democratic solution in a communist shadow.

      As for the states? Pull your heads from out your ;0?

      Kidding! Kidding! Really.

      Thanks for responding.
      • Aug 2 2012: PAUL Ashton, I am glad you are working on this. Oh what a wonderful world it will be when everyone is as wonderful as you and me. I think I just said that or said it partly just because it rhymes. So many so-called leaders become intoxicated and corrupt when they get their hands on power. I think we should look to the majority of the populations of China and the USA to demand honesty in government. In the USA we pay lip service to "capitalism" while the "capitalists" write legislation and control the "elected" officials to artificially distort the market place to benefit their greedy selves. Let's demand an immediate end to the loopholes instead of another 28 years studying it and talking about it. If those loopholes are not gone within the next 2 years, I think it is time for another true American Revolution, kicking out all elected officials that stand in the way of eliminating the loopholes that favor the people and companies contributing to their election campaigns and in other ways enhancing their wealth. I think we should start here at home and clean up our government. Let's reveal the change in income and assets of all elected officials between the time they start running for public office, enter public office and leave public office. The Chinese people will have to come up with their own courage, wisdom and action to get the freedoms they are entitled to and the honesty in government they and all people deserve. No more talking., No more studies. Everyone knows what the problems are. Now is the time for action. There are an abundance of intelligent, educated, honest, well-meaning people in the USA and China. We must get them into positions of power.......NOW.

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