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Des any one think that the U.S. and China will ever go to war?

I just seems like a possibility that something like this could happen. We are in an economic war and the only way I can't think of to defeat China is to cut off trade to it for about a year. But I wonder if a physical war is a possibility.

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  • Aug 1 2012: I have to say you are too selfish and narrow-minded ,besides, I don't think your opinion can represent most of the Americans' . Why don't we try to create a pacific world which will do good to all of us not only Americans.
    • Aug 1 2012: a pacifist world or a world without war would be a very tragic tale of how an awesome idea created widespread suffering. Think of how humanity reproduces, and how much farmland would be destroyed and how much food could be produced, it would not end well in the long run
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      Aug 1 2012: Andrew, I am looking at this from an American stand point and right now, for an American, America is all that matters.

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