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Does anyone know how to create multiple choice questions when you create your own lesson?

I am attempting to create a new lesson using a youtube video- either one I find or one I create and I want to be able to create multiple choice questions which can be checked in the "think" section. All I can see is the option to create questions, but it appears they will be open ended only, or not be checked as multiple choice. I am new to this and was just checking it out to see if it would work as I will be flipping my classroom entirely this year. Thanks!


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    Aug 1 2012: Hi Sandy & Everyone Else!

    Unfortunately, for the time being, there is no way to add your own Quick Quiz/Multiple Choice questions to a TED-Ed lesson. One of the things we are currently working on (we just finalized the design today!) is making a Quick Quiz/Multiple Choice question creator/editor. Building it is our #1 priority right now (in terms of development) and it should be released sometime in September.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions/comments/concerns. Thanks!
    • Aug 1 2012: Thank you so much! That is great news as this would allow me to format my lessons for my flipped classroom the way I would like. I can't wait! :)

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