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Cinderella syndrome

I listened to a late Painter’s wife interview on You Tube.
They were young starters and lived in Paris. They were immigrants. They were poor.
So, he looked for a help from a fellow countryman, a famous artist, who came to France much earlier. But, he got no help. Why?
40 years later, after his death (in a hard way he became exceptional artist), in that interview his wife made the conclusion, that is very correct, and is profoundly placed in the hearts of certain people, who got some positions they did not really deserve.
It is about Cinderella syndrome. “Je voudrais passez lui”, or “I would skip him”, were the words of a famous painter, regarding other artists who came to him, in case that they were better then him. Otherwise he would help.
I think that this human characteristic is very common in every area of human activity.

Here, I am placing this question:
What is the best way for the creative people to surpass guys like that?

In every area these guys took positions. Even Tesla was tricked by Edison. He was smart man, but it happened to him.
What is your opinion? Did the famous painter actually help him?


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    Jul 31 2012: Hello Tatjana,

    the Cinderella syndrome you described is, unfortunately, quite common in the professional world. There is the tendency in department manager to hire people from whom they think they can not become dangerous to them an their position.

    There is a rule that says: Only A people hire A+ people. Whereas B people only hire C people. C people only hire D people ... and so forth, untill the whole company slowly converges to an average of Z people.

    The proof of this rule is quite simple, or have you ever heard of a manager who stepped back freely from his or her position to give room for someone who is more talented to do the job? Usually this process is initiated, if at all, by higher ranked positions.

    The only way to break this cycle is a very strong character. And I think one can only find out if one owns this quality the moment one has to face onces master in a subordinate...
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      Aug 1 2012: In the fairytale, higher force solved the problem.
      In the real human world it would be time and persistence.
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        Aug 1 2012: I think so too. And many young talents who don't want to take the time and to be persistent leave the company to find another chance somewhere else.

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