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Designing a new Education System

This is basically the idea from the comments of another thread here:

What are the pros/cons of current public education?

What are things that should be kept/improved?

In that previous topic, I stated my opinions and ideas. Here's a refresh on my points.

Different people learn differently. There are introverts/extroverts, close-minded/open-minded, optimistic/pessimistic, messy/OCD, booksmart/streetsmart, etc.

Online education is rapidly empowering anyone to learn on their own individually. However, fundamentally it cannot teach people to communicate effectively to others when talking or in a seminar discussion. In other words, school should teach 75% collaboration and teamwork and communication, not 75% individualism.

Learning should be a fun thing, not a chore. Learning should also be useful to the real world.

Everyone is curious at heart. Everyone is an artist at heart.

Effective communication can be established not only when we respect our selves' and each other's strengths and weaknesses, but also when we respect our similarities.

Bullies suck, no one likes bullies. Not even the bullies like their bullies lol


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  • Aug 31 2012: I suggest need. Of. Aptitude system in. Education.each. individual. Is. Unique..hence each one will be having various aptitudes like. Musical ,math,sports'linguistic',etc so a system is to be designed in order to identify their aptitude.because of lack of this kind of aptitude system'very few people are reaching profession. Of their aptitude-by implementation of aptitude system productivity of mankind. Can be increased.
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      Aug 31 2012: Maybe school should also be more focused on finding that specialized field just right for the individual student?

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