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Plus Michelle Obamas plea for education for women. In anything, observe, notice, plan, action, evaluate, review. Think benefit/cost.

I am a woman in a patriachal society. The more a woman shouts the more she is ignored by men who had mothers who shouted and made them feel bad about themselves. This is as true on a macro level as a micro level. Cultural reference in Ancient Greece the only way to stop the constant warring was to refuse sex. Men were close enough to their mothers and daughters not to want to see them raped. Women must be allowed free will as well as men or you lose a very important resource in women's knowledge and creativity.


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I wish to apologise to everyone whoi found this conversation offensive and disrespectful. I appreciate the vocabulary I used did not effectively communicate the ideas I was trying to talk about., I will take this opportunity to think it through and reflect on how words can get in the way of what I am tryiing to say. Thank you again to everyone who contributed. It has given me a great deal to think about.

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